Samsung 5.6 Top Load Washer Reviews

The introduction of high-capacity laundry machines in the market has reduced the laundry days to once a week just like in 19th century Britain, where Mondays were reserved for washing. However, dedicating a whole day just for laundry can at times be hectic because of the washer’s capacity, meaning that you might have to distribute … Read more

Kenmore 41122 review

Many people don’t realize that investing in a home appliance is a milestone and one less thing that you have to worry about for the next 10 or more years. Yes, 10 years we said and that is probably what the Kenmore 41122 washer will give you, but with proper care and maintenance. Washing machine … Read more

Kenmore 26132 vs 27132

The Kenmore 26132 and the 27132 are both highly efficient washers, with the latter being a more improved version and a bit pricier when compared to the 26132 model. Washers are famous for consuming less water and energy while saving on time in a home setting. The units are environmentally friendly, available in a large … Read more

How to Bypass Lid Switch on Maytag Washer

The Maytag washer has been designed to operate when locked and of the many washers that you will come across in the market, Maytag is the hardest to bypass the lid switch, thus chances of getting electrocuted are high. There are, however, reasons that may prompt you to want to bypass the lid switch, for … Read more

How to Bypass Lid Lock on Whirlpool Washer

Ideally, washers should be serviced/repaired in an authorized service center, to avoid causing more serious problems and to stay within the framework of the appliances warranty. However, not many service centers operate during the holidays and over the weekends, when your washer just refuses to run. For your washing machine to run, the lid must … Read more

F28 Error Code Whirlpool Duet – How to Fix

The F28 Error Code is indicative of a communication breakdown between your motors control unit and the central control board. The motor control unit incorporated in washing machines ensures that the motor is powered up, so if the control board is not functional, then the washer will not start. How to fix the F28 Error … Read more

How to tighten washing machine drum

Your washing machine should operate efficiently with minimal noise. However, as time goes the washer may experience some issues just like any other electric device. One of the problems is its drum loosening and wobbling and it may need tightening. Here is how to tighten your washing machine drum. A washing machine is an essential … Read more

How to reset Speed Queen commercial washer

The latest Speed Queen commercial washer comes with a reset button that allows you to reset the washing machine. However, some units don’t come with this button. If you aren’t familiar with the machine, then here’s how to reset the Speed Queen commercial washer. When ranking the best branded commercial washing machines, then the Speed … Read more

How to remove blood stains from clothes

Removing a blood stain especially dried blood from fabric can be a difficult task. This can end up ruining your fabric or forcing you to throw it away. Here is how to remove a blood stain from your clothes. Accidents occur, whether in the kitchen while chopping vegetables, during a shave, a nose bleed, or … Read more

How much water does a washing machine use

washing machine with agitator

Washing machines are a fast and more efficient way of washing your laundry at home. But how much water do they use? Doing your laundry consumes water with a washing machine consuming a significant amount of it. According to research by the Water Research Foundation 2016, a washing machine accounts for around 16% of an … Read more