Kenmore 26132 vs 27132

The Kenmore 26132 and the 27132 are both highly efficient washers, with the latter being a more improved version and a bit pricier when compared to the 26132 model. Washers are famous for consuming less water and energy while saving on time in a home setting. The units are environmentally friendly, available in a large variety, and spin faster, effectively getting rid of water from clothes which then leads to reduced drying time.

And while the Kenmore 26132 and the 27132 model are from the same company they do have some little but significant differences, which call for a conscious thought process before making the final decision.

Differences between Kenmore 26132 and 27132

  • Cloth integrity

A good number of substandard washers out here can do a number to some of your most expensive outfits in the name of stain removal. Meaning that as you shop for a washer, it is of utmost importance to determine its efficiency and the degree of wear and tear. The Kenmore 26132 does not perform very well when it comes to wear and tear, so if you want some of your most fragile garments to retain their integrity after various cycles then best you settle with the Kenmore 27132.

  • The see-through lid

The see-through lid equipped in some of the most advanced washers helps inform the owner of the amount of space remaining and whether they can add a few garments before they get their washers running. The Kenmore 27132 features a convenient see-through lid that apart from projecting a trendy look it can be a good determinant of whether you can sneak in a few extra dirty laundries to get the most out of the first cleaning cycle.

The Kenmore 26132, is not as fancy a washer but is equally functional. Your laundry will be cleaned, no doubt only that you will not get the chance to see whether you have space to add more clothes or not.

  • The steam cycle

The steam setting in a washer is a major deal-breaker, households with kids will settle with washers that have incorporated the steam setting because of its power when it comes to the removal of stubborn stains. The units are also convenient in households that house pets, so if you are in the market for a washer that will work on the stubborn stain garments and willing to throw in a few extra dollars for the high cost then Kenmore 27132 will more than suffice.

The Kenmore 26132 model has not incorporated the steam setting, so not much should be expected when cleaning the heavily soiled garments.

  • Price

There is a big difference between the price of the Kenmore 26132 and the 27132. The latter retails at a higher price, with good reasons as explicated in this article. Most of its features are advanced when compared to the 26132, the latter comes effective for homes with few members given the reduced functionality features.

  • The control panel

Both the 26132 and the 27132 have incorporated intuitive control panels, however, for the 26132 you will have to be very close before you can make out what the wordings are all about. But for the 27132, the wordings are pretty clear even from a distance.

Kenmore 26132 Overview

The 26132 model from Kenmore is a top load washer, sporting a 4.8 cu capacity meaning that it comfortably handle heavy loads. The unit is characteristic of a tipple action impeller, which adopts a 3 part wash motion that enables faster and easy cleaning of heavily soiled laundry. The unit has additionally been configured to save on water via the deep fill feature.

The latter enables the unit to handle bulky loads, such as your comforter, jackets, and clothes made of the jeans material. You can also use the washer and worry less about it consuming a large percentage of the overall power consumption.

Kenmore 27132 Overview

The 27132 washer from Kenmore comes equipped with everything that you can ever want from a high-end washer. The unit features robust construction, to which end you have been provided with a stainless steel tub; the bleach and detergent dispensers are run hands-free, the same goes for the fabric softener dispenser.

The 27132 Kenmore washer runs an extra rinse cycle, so you can expect your clothes to be squeaky clean. The deep fill option allows for a decent load, a feature that embraces even the heavy clothes, and of all the features, the steam option is a high selling point for the 27132 Kenmore washer that guarantees easy removal of the stubborn stains.

The unit will additionally help you save on energy and water and comes slapped with a 1-year warranty.

Final word

When it comes to choosing a washer, it’s all about your budget, if you are, therefore, willing to spend the top dollar then you can be sure of getting more improved features and vice versa.


How long will my Kenmore 27132 washer last?

Washers in general are known to last for a maximum of 13 years, but with the relevant care and maintenance processes instituted. With good care, your washer should give you more than 10 years.

Is the Kenmore 26132 a good washer brand?

Yes, the Kenmore 26132 is a good washer brand, with the company boasting of up to 100 years of top-quality service.

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