How to reset Fisher and Paykel washing machine

Fisher and Paykel washers are highly efficient appliances that you can easily customize. This washing machine can help you meet your washing needs based on the different materials you are cleaning. The manufacturer offers both front and top-load washing machines that come in various forms.

If you have this machine and have used different customization options, you can reset it. The process of resetting this washing machine is different based on the specific type of washer you are dealing with. For instance, resetting the Fisher and Paykel Quicksmart washer involves using the option adjustment mode. You can enter this mode by turning the machine on then pressing the start and keylock buttons at a go for a few seconds. Use the buttons on the unit’s panel to make a few changes. Alternatively, initiate a factory reset. Here is more!

Resetting the Fisher and Paykel smart drive washer

If you have this washer and have been using particular washing options, you can reset the unit to make changes. Restoring the washer to factory settings can enable you to make the changes that you want. To do this, go to the electric outlet where this unit is plugged in. Ensure that the washer is not washing any clothes, then unplug its electrical cord from the outlet.

Give it up to 30 seconds before you plug back the electrical cord into the wall. Once you do this, the washing machine will reboot. This simple process will reset the Smart drive washer back to the factory settings it came with. You can now make the necessary changes.

Resetting the Fisher and Paykel QuickSmart washer

The Fisher and Paykel Smart drive is not the only famous model that people use. If you have the Quicksmart washer, you need to learn how to reset it. The process of resetting this unit is a bit different from the type that we have discussed. To restore this washing machine back to factory settings, you should enter the option adjustment mode. For you to enter the mode, you should first turn on this washing machine at the electrical outlet.

Once you do this, you should avoid pressing the power button on this unit. Locate the start/pause and keylock buttons on the washing machine. Press both buttons at a go and hold them down for at least three seconds. After these seconds, you will notice some quick beeps from the appliance. This indicates that the washing machine is in option adjustment mode.

On this mode, the appliance should show the setting for the cold wash temperature. Feel free to use the option adjustment mode to change the preset options using the available buttons. The Quicksmart washer gives you the chance to customize different settings. If you wish to initiate a factory reset, you should first place this machine in option adjustment mode.

On this washer, look for the button that is labeled delicate cycle and press down on it. Once you do this, the display should show ‘rSt.’ This indicates that you can now initiate the reset. Press the start button, then hold it down for about three seconds. Doing this will enable you to restore this washing machine to factory settings. Once the reset is complete, you should press the power button of the washer. This lets you exit the option adjustment mode and returns the unit back to its regular operating mode.

Resetting the Fisher and Paykel Ecosmart unit

The process of resetting this washing machine is not very different from that of resetting the Quicksmart washer. If you own the Ecosmart washer and are experiencing certain issues, you should consider reset it. Start by unplugging the appliance from the electrical outlet and giving it a few seconds before plug it back in. When this period is over, click on the power button. Once you reset the unit by unplugging it, you may be able to fix a few issues.

Alternatively, you can also reset this unit to factory settings through the option adjustment mode. When the machine is in this mode, hold on to the machine’s delicate cycle for at least three seconds. Once you do this, you will have to reset the unit back to factory settings.

A summary of how to reset different fisher and Paykel washers

Resetting the Smartdrive washer Resetting the Smartdrive washer Resetting the Smartdrive washer
Unplug the washer Turn on the unit but do not press the power button yet. Unplug it from the electrical outlet for 20 seconds
Give it thirty seconds, then plug it back in. Doing this will enter the option adjustment mode. Press the power button before you plug in the cord
This should be able to reboot the machine and reset it to factory settings. You should now press the start and keylock buttons at once for three seconds. This should fix any problems.
Alternatively, initiate the factory reset and then set it again. Alternatively, reset the washer back to factory settings by entering the option adjustment mode.


The market offers different types of Fisher and Paykel washers. Some of the common options include the Smart drive 608, Quicksmart, Ecosmart, and WashSmart washing machine. If you have any of these washing machines, you should learn how to reset them in case you have issues with the unit or want to make some changes. Follow the steps that we have discussed above based on the specific type of Fisher and Paykel washers you have to ensure that it functions properly.


How long should I expect this washer to last?

The lifespan of this washing machine is approximately five years. Most of the front loaders last for this long. Fisher and Paykel top-load washers can even last for ten years.

What makes the Fisher and Paykel washer stop spinning?

This washer can stop spinning due to the surface that it is placed on. You should ensure that you place it on a level surface to prevent it from moving during cycles.

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