Best Integrated Washing Machines

Getting yourself a washing machine presents a variety to choose from. You may be interested in a washing machine that integrates with other things in your house without having to worry about changing the design of the arrangement of your home.

Integrated washing machines are designed to integrate into your kitchen and can be concealed from view by sitting behind your door or underneath the worktop. Built-in machines are the most common as they sit within the kitchen unit and are completely hidden by a door. You might fall in love with this type of integrated washing machine if you don’t like your appliances showing and you love open plan living. They come in handy if your kitchen has just been refitted or you want to replace your old machine. If you’re in the market for one, then only the best will do.

In this review, we highlight some of the best-integrated washing machines and everything you need to know about the features that make them the best-integrated washing machine.

Best Integrated Washing Machines – A Comparison Table

Best Integrated Washing Machines
Best For
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Bosch WIW28301GB Washing Machine
Best overall integrated washing machine

Beko Pro WIX845400 Washing Machine
Best value for money

Stoves INTWM7KG Washing Machine
Most ideal for smaller households

NEFF W543BX0GB Washing Machine
Best for allergens

AEG L8FC8432BI Washing Machine
Most suitable for delicate fabrics

Reviews of the Best Integrated Washing Machines

Bosch WIW28301GB Washing Machine – Best overall integrated washing machine

This Bosch integrated washing machine tops our list as it seamlessly integrates into your kitchen offering you a range of smart features and its design makes it easy to operate. Its control panel has a digital display that transparently shows the wash temperature and the time it’ll finish. You also get to see the spin speed and other washing options as selected. It comes in an 8kg capacity ideal for a family and its A+++ energy rating means it saves you on water and electricity bills as well as time. It has an 81.8H x 59.6W x 54.4D cm dimension and a 1400 rpm (revolutions per second). The Bosch WIW28301GB integrated washing machine contains an Anti-Vibration feature that uses sensors to monitor the weight of your laundry load and the drum movement to eliminate any imbalances and reduce vibration. Its circular design increases the washer’s stability through reinforcement of the sidewalls, combined with enhanced insulation; this washer maintains super quietness by regulating noise levels.


  • Super quiet during cycles
  • A wide array of wash cycles to choose from
  • Easy to use


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Beko Pro WIX845400 Washing Machine – Best value for money

The Beko Pro WIX845400 Washing Machine is a great integrated washing machine at a good price. It has a generous load capacity of 8kgs large enough for a family. The machine has 15 programs that cover everything in your home. The best program is the Daily Quick that can handle 8kg of washing load in just 28minutes while a small load of about 2kg can be done in just 14 minutes while maintaining the quality of a wash. It has a Fast+ function to reduce the cycle lengths without affecting your wash. Its large door with a larger diameter than the average 34cm washing machines means you no longer have to struggle to get out your big duvet cover. This machine also comes with a DrumClean program to get rid of any bacteria in the drum at a 70ºC temperature cycle. For a budget model, this integrated washing machine offers way more.


  • 28-minute super-fast cycle program
  • Wider door
  • Low noise levels


  • Lacks a wool wash


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Stoves INTWM7KG Washing Machine – Most ideal for smaller households

This washing machine with its 7kg washing capacity and an A+++ power rating can be integrated for smaller households or couples since it delivers efficient and convenient performance for quick and hassles free laundry. It comes with 16 useful programs like the MyCycle to remember your frequent programs for quick and easy access and Baby Cycle that talkies touch stains. You can save on energy by washing your laundry at 20 degrees as there’s an option for that.


  • 20 -degrees washing capability
  • Quiet
  • Clear as simple to use


  • The instruction manual might not be easy to read


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NEFF W543BX0GB Washing Machine – Best for allergens

If allergens are a challenge for you or your family, this NEFF W543BX0GB integrated Washing Machine will integrate well into your household. It’s quiet and it not only washes your laundry brilliantly, but it also gives you the much-needed protection against allergies. This Neff model comes with a decent sized drum, a quiet spin, and a cycle that owes their success to the EcoSilence drive. Most users pointed out the fact that the model thoroughly removed stains from their beddings and clothes and their drying time was significantly reduced thanks to its 14000 rpm spin cycle. Its programs include Delicate, cotton, Wool, Silk wash among others. It also presents a 15-minute cycle that does washing rinsing and spinning in the same 15-minute time frame.


  • 15-minute quick wash cycle
  • Easy to use
  • Good against allergens
  • Quiet


  • Water filling takes a bit of time


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AEG L8FC8432BI Washing Machine – Most suitable for delicate fabrics

This 8kg capacity model comes with AEG’s OKOPower technology that enables it to wash your clothes in under an hour using less energy to deliver excellent results. Its efficiency can also be noted in how it uses water using the DirectSpray technology that continuously showers your load throughout the cycle to ensure soaking and washing of the entire load evenly. That’s not all, it also ensures your pre-mixed detergents and softeners are distributed better throughout a wash. This is ideal for daily use. AEG’s Prosense technology automatically weighs every load and provides it with a tailored cycle using sensors that also adjust the washing time to ensure optimum treatment of each load. One of its programs is the steam program that safely removes any odors while reducing creases in your dry fabric. It allows you to finish your wash cycle with gentle steam which ends up reducing your ironing efforts.


  • Even distribution of detergents and softener using the ÖKOMix technology
  • Quiet during cycles
  • Daily washing program


  • Spinning is not that efficient


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Buying guide for the best-integrated washing machine


Size plays a crucial role in determining the integrated washing machine model to buy since they are kept in a secluded area of a house, especially in the kitchen unit under the worktop. Check the allocated space in your kitchen unit or where you intend to place the integrated washer before buying. You don’t want to buy a washing machine and end up disappointed that it doesn’t fit because a size as small as a few millimeters makes a difference.


The size of the drum in terms of capacity determines how much load you can put in a cycle which means you can do less washing and end up saving on costs. Larger drum sizes are ideal for families while smaller ones tend to work for smaller households. Do not overload your washer. Always ensure there’s enough room at the top of the drum during each cycle such that you can be able to push your hand in. For a household of 1-2 people, a 6-7kg capacity washer is ok, an 8kg is ideal for an average family and for a large family, anything from 9kg and above is great.

Spin speed

Spin speeds may just be the difference between a faster wash and a slower one and how damp your clothes are when they get out. It’s measured in revolution per second (RPM) with a faster rpm saving you time when drying during a cycle since more water will be extracted faster. It’s recommended that you check out the recommended speed for your clothes on their labels as delicate fabrics can get damaged by a high-speed spin. Choose an integrated washing machine with a good and high speed. This will save you on costs since it’s cheaper extracting water with spinning than a tumble dryer if you’re using one. For example, an interval spin will reduce creasing for synthetics while a ling spin cycle is more efficient in water extraction when it comes to cotton.

Current plumbing

You may want to check and ensure that your water, wastewater, and electric supply are within a 1.5-meter radius from where you intend to install your integrated washing machine. This will save you on any additional installation costs that may come with changing the plumbing.


Integrated washers like other electric appliances tend to be noisy when working, especially during washing and spinning. You don’t want a noisy integrated washer in your home such that you can’t even hold a conversation during dinner. Washers work so hard and as a result, produce a lot of noise and vibration during washing and spinning. Since integrated washing machines get tucked behind a cupboard door or a door, it’s good to get a quiet one. The average decibel for washing is 50-58 dB and 70-76 dB during spinning. To give you an idea of noise levels, a vacuum cleaner has a noise level of 70dB. Check the noise level on the washer before buying.

Energy rating

Integrated washing machines are rated from D to A+++ with the A+++ being the highest. The higher the rating, the more efficient in terms of energy is the washer. You don’t have to pay a very high electricity bill. The ones rated A+++ are best although they may be a bit expensive but save you in the long run. Most integrated washers have an Eco Cycle feature that saves you on costs with the Eco programs which run water with lower temperatures of around 50°C. This means full-cycle run durations will be longer but in the long run, you save on your monthly utility bills.


Integrated washing machines with more programs give you the versatility to do more. Different programs give you different capabilities depending on your cloth fabric, stains or time. For a quick wash, the Quick Wash program will enable you to select a full cycle speeded up to 15-20 minute. If you forget some laundry when the load cycle is in progress, you can make use of the Reload function to add the item. You can count on the steam program to refresh your creased dry clothes or remove odor without necessarily doing a full cycle. There are many more programs speeding on the washer model you go with. Advanced ones even allow you to download more programs on your smartphone and even go further and detect any faults and send the report to the manufacturer.


How do I make sure I get the right integrated washer size?

Most washers have the standard 85H x 59.5D x 60W cm dimension whether integrated or freestanding. Likewise, most kitchen cabinets are also designed to fit this standard size of washers. However, integrated washers vary in depth. You should measure your cupboard size to avoid ending up with a washer that doesn’t fit making your open living space uneven.

Can I replace my integrated washer with a freestanding one?

Yes, you can, but it depends on the space available. However, most washers are of similar or standard size and size won’t be a problem. Just make sure to measure your space before replacing it.


Integrated washers are great addition in your home as they help in maintaining the clean look of your house since they’re hidden away either in a cupboard or behind the door. The above-integrated washing machines are some of the best options in the market whether on a budget or not. All you’ve got to do is ensure that the space size in your house is enough before buying one.

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