7 Best Rated Washers under $500. Updated Jun/2021

Finding an efficient and high-quality washer at a low price can be really challenging today. However, there are still various high- quality washers under $500 that you can get for your home. Washers are one of the most convenient home appliances today as they make your work easier every time you want to do your … Read more

Best washing machine for hard water

Do you stay in an area that receives hard water? You are not alone. More than 80% of households in the US have hard water. Since this type of water has high mineral content, it can damage the fabrics of your clothes and a regular washing machine. A washer is a valuable appliance that makes … Read more

Best Small Flats Tumble Dryers

When you live in a flat, a Tumble Dryer can be a great addition to your laundry electronics. It helps you get through the washing process faster and be able to concentrate your day on relaxing or with friends as you wait for the beginning of a workweek. Your washing machine doesn’t have an inbuilt … Read more

Best LG Washing Machines

Washing machines are an essential part of our lives to make washing easier and faster. LG makes some of the best and most reliable washing machines in the market. LG, a Korean electronics giant produces top-notch washing machines as part of its line of products. Whether you’ve used an LG washing machine before and want … Read more

Best Integrated Washing Machines

Getting yourself a washing machine presents a variety to choose from. You may be interested in a washing machine that integrates with other things in your house without having to worry about changing the design of the arrangement of your home. Integrated washing machines are designed to integrate into your kitchen and can be concealed … Read more

7 Best Washing Machine Hoses

Did you know that water damage caused by burst washing machine hoses is a leading insurance claim in North America? Damage caused by a defective hose can be minimal such that all you need are a few old towels to clean up. In other cases it can be defective enough to warrant major reconstruction work. … Read more