Best washing machine under $200

If you’re planning on getting a new and improved washing machine for your home or the idea just crossed your mind and you’re now looking for options, but, you didn’t know that you could save cash and still enjoy the best washing machine with only $200 or less.

Yes, you heard it right, $200. A washer has become a must-have in any home. It plays an important role when it comes to your laundry and a good washer may just be the difference between well-done clothes and just-Ok done clothes. You also want to save on costs besides the washer itself. No one enjoys paying huge utility bills at the end of the month, and since you’re looking to save money you don’t want to splash a lot of cash on a washer. This review takes you through all that you need to know about the best Washing machines that are less than $200, and we’ll highlight some of the best options available in the market.

Best Washing Machine under $200 – A Comparison Table

Best Washing Machine Under $200
Best For
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HomeLabs Portable Washing Machine
Best Overall Washing Machine under $200

Giantex Portable Compact Washing Machine
Most Ideal for Apartments

Electric Mini Portable Compact Washing Machine
Best for Space Saving

Twin Tub Washer Machine
Most Portable

Lavario Washing Machine
Best Energy saving

Reviews of the Best Washing Machines under $200

HomeLabs Portable Washing Machine – Best Overall Washing Machine Under $200

This 120-volt top-load automatic washing machine from HOmeLabs has a 0.9 Cubic feet capacity and weighs a paltry 44.1 pounds. With the two hidden rolling wheels it comes with in its rear end, it is portable and easy to move around with. It’s fully automated washing, rinsing and spinning and offers five standard cycles for your loads including regular, massive, gentle, and rapid and soak. The drum is durable and rust-resistant, and takes up to 6lbs of load. It comes with a transparent lid, water inlet, lint filter, and a drain pump for draining out the dirty laundry water. You also get to save on water while your clothes get the same efficient cleaning. It provides for five different cycles and three water level settings. To install this HOmeLabs Portable Washing Machine, remove the aerator from the faucet and ensure you screw the adapter properly and you’re good to go.


  • It’s portable
  • Can fit in small spaces
  • Installation is easy
  • The noise level is not so loud


  • The tube’s length is short


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Giantex Portable Compact Washing Machine – Most Ideal for Apartments

This is the next washer under $200. It’s easy to operate and handle, doesn’t need much effort during installation and only uses a small space. The inbuilt drain aluminum pipe makes it fully automated as it drains out the dirty water keeping your home clean. This portable washer can wash up to 8lbs of laundry and its lightweight enables you to move it around your apartment with ease. It also comes with five programs such as wash-rinse-soak, soak-wash-rinse, etc that you can adjust using a push button. You can also control its three water levels; L/16L, M23L and H/30L with a switch.


  • Compatible with hard water
  • Portable
  • Can wash different types of fabrics


  • Lacks a hot water wash
  • The cable requires an extension


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Electric Mini Portable Compact Washing Machine – Best for Space Saving

This 2-in-1 model is small in size and possesses great portability and ideal for a family without space in their home as they don’t need two different machines for your laundry. It has a small folding design of 2.5cm thick that saves you on space by allows you to fold it and you can move around with it. You don’t need much time to set this washer up and use. The time control means you can wash for 10 minutes and spin in 3 minutes using the single tube washing machine and spin basket cleaning your clothes leaving them without residue or irritants. This machine is ideal for light clothes in need of separate cleaning and for use in apartments, dormitories, etc. For under $200, this model is exceptional.


  • Its 2-in-1
  • It can be folded
  • It’s small in size
  • It’s portable


  • Its small capacity can be limiting
  • It doesn’t accommodate hot water washing
  • The cable is short and may need an extension


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Twin Tub TG23 Washer Machine – Most Portable

This Twin Tub Washing machine from ThinkGizmos comes with both a washer and spin tub with a capacity of 7.9lbs and 4.4lbs and separate timer controls on both. This machine is highly portable making it ideal for someone with a less spacious home as it can be carried around with a lot of ease. It comes with five wash modes that can be controlled with the use of a push-button. The machine also possesses a lint filter, water fill hose, etc. It’s so easy to use this machine. Once the clothes are done washing, give them a spin and wait for them to drain out the excess water.


  • Highly portable
  • It saves on time, energy, and water
  • Separate timer for washer and spinner


  • The auto-restart mode is not up to standard


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Lavario Washing Machine – Best Energy saving

To set this washer up is easy and fast. You need to remove the aerator from the faucet and screw the adapter and you’re ready to use your Lavario Washing Machine. The machine comes with a 5-gallon capacity and is not difficult to operate though you operate it manually. It’s lightweight having a 14-pound weight and can be carried around or moved if your house suffers from space. The most exciting feature of this machine is its eco-friendliness. It uses less water and detergent and no electricity yet it still delivers on the washing quality.


  • Saves you on electricity bills as it doesn’t use any
  • It’s lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use


  • Has a small capacity
  • It’s noisy


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Factors to consider when buying the best washing machine under $200

Ease of installation and use

You might want to check if the washer comes pre-installed or doesn’t need installation and you can set it up on your own, or if it’s complex that you’ll need the services of a plumber. Also, look for a washing machine that is understandable and easy to control.

Machine size

Size is the first thing to check when shopping for a washer. Check that you have enough space in your house, then compared the amount of space with the washing machine you intend to buy making sure its fits because even a few millimeters can make a difference. If you lack space, then consider the small portable washers that can be mounted on the wall, or folded and put away when not in use, or they can be moved around the house easily and don’t need to be fixed at one place.

Load capacity

The capacity of a washing machine is important when you go shopping for a washer. Depending on your family size, you may need to buy a smaller or bigger capacity washer. It’s important to note that the load capacity might affect your electricity and water bill. For example, if you put fewer clothes in a huge washer, then water and alacrity will go to waste since they are not being utilized fully because the load capacity is not full. If you are a smaller household, consider getting a smaller load capacity washer, and to avoid doing several cycles in a large family, buy a larger capacity washing machine.

Drum/Tub material

If you intend on purchasing a combined compact washer dryer, then you should be keen on this. The best one is the one made of steel as it has a higher spin speed and is durable and eases your mind about future replacement.

Wash cycle

You should look at the number and types of wash cycles a washer offers and see if they meet your needs. Sometimes you may require a quick wash, or you have different fabric materials that can’t be mixed lest they get damaged or under washed. You also wouldn’t want to mix your baby’s clothes and the rest of the family’s since his/her clothes need special attention in terms of hygiene. Standard washers come with the hand wash, synthetic, cotton, delicate, etc wash cycle while the advanced ones offer you cycles like Quick Wash or Baby Wash.


The speed of a washer is measured in Revolutions per Minute. This applies to both washing and spinning. The higher the RPM, the cleaner, or dryer your cloth gets. However, the cloth fabric also dictates the amount of spin rpm to apply as you may end up damaging the fabric. For instance, clothes with touch materials like jeans can make use of RPMs of over 1000 while the cotton fabric is ok with a 400-600 RPM. You also wouldn’t want to spoilt your clothes’ fabric by using the wrong spin speed on them. Check your clothes label to ensure you use the correct spin speed and even the recommended water temperature and if they need to be washed separately.

Energy Saving

Most of us, if not all of us would be glad to save on that electricity bill by conserving energy. When buying a washing machine, look for the energy-saving label usually denoted by stars ranging from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best. You can also use energy-saving tips like not using hot water to dave on energy and use cold water instead to wash your clothes, use the lowest water level and ensure you fill up your load capacity to maximize energy and water usage.


Protecting the environment and being kind to your neighbor when it comes to noise pollution is a noble cause. If you’re living in an apartment, you don’t want to nag your neighbors with a noisy washer. Look for a washing machine with a lower noise level. Also, look out for one with a good power rating as it uses less power. Power ratings vary from D to A+++ with A+++ being the best.


To ensure your clothes are maximally cleaned while preserving their fabric, a temperature control is good since it comes with three options namely cold, warm and hot. You can fully get rid of stains, odor and detergent residue from your day-to-day clothes using hot temperature and prevent shrinking of clothes by using the cold option. The warm option is ideal for heavy laundry like jeans and curtains. Avoid very hot water as your clothes might get damaged.

Additional features

When you are a parent, a feature such as a child lock is a handy tool for your washing machine to have. Your child is in an exploratory phase and gets touchy and you would like to avoid any accidents or interruptions as far as the washer is concerned. Child lock means the machine won’t be interrupted and the door won’t be opened until the washing and drying is done.


My washer’s control knob for the drainage pipe isn’t working properly.

This may be because its metallic wire has been weathered by water. Always ensure to turn off the control knob after every use.

Will my clothes get damaged if I leave them in the washer overnight?

No, your clothes won’t get damaged. However, they might produce a damp smell which is unpleasant and you might be forced to wash them again to get rid of it.


A washing machine is so important in a home that a price tag shouldn’t be a hindrance. The washing machines we’ve reviewed above offer the best performance with a $200 budget or less.

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