Kenmore Elite 41482 review

Kenmore is an established brand that has been around for more than 95 years, meaning that they are better placed to understand user’s needs. The brand retails a huge variety of washing machines, but our main concern is on the Kenmore elite 41482 and how reliable and functional it actually is. When compared to washing … Read more

Kenmore 41162 reviews

Kenmore 41162 measures up to 27.0 inches in width, and 38.69 inches in height; the unit comes complete with a cord measuring up to 6 feet, which is the perfect configuration to integrate into your kitchen. Did you know that it took up to 210 years to come up with a compact washer that could … Read more

Whirlpool vs Maytag washer

The quality of a washing machine’s outcome depends on the type and brand of the washer you use in your home. Whirlpool and Maytag are both quality washers that guarantee you quality washing when it comes to your clothes. Hand washing clothes is not only tiring but also time-consuming. You may also fall ill and … Read more

Spin dryer vs tumble dryer

The quality of a dryer in your home depends on the type of dryer that you purchase. A spin and tumble dryer are both dryers that guarantee you quality drying services when it comes to your clothes. The traditional way of drying your clothes using the sun sometimes isn’t as efficient, especially in the winter … Read more

LG Wt1901cw Review

Washers from LG are durable and can give you a service of over 10 years, before you even take them for the first repair. But from the structure of most washers, you can tell that they are simple machines with the major components being the big belt driven drum. The LG washers, have therefore, been … Read more

Kitchenaid Kdte204dss Review

When scouting for home appliances, a good number of us will settle with the price but a majority will pay for the extra ergonomical features. And that is what the Kitchenaid Kdte204dss offers, the unit sports the large capacity utensil racks, is flexible to contain a variety of kitchen utensils and is quite efficient when … Read more

Haier Hlp24e Review

Home appliances are not exactly easy to use, leave alone troubleshooting; so as you invest in the various types of home appliances, we would like to introduce you to the Haier Hlp24e. The washer features an intuitive interface, is quite portable, easy to troubleshoot, and will occupy a small footprint in your kitchen or laundry … Read more