Haier Hlp24e Review

Home appliances are not exactly easy to use, leave alone troubleshooting; so as you invest in the various types of home appliances, we would like to introduce you to the Haier Hlp24e. The washer features an intuitive interface, is quite portable, easy to troubleshoot, and will occupy a small footprint in your kitchen or laundry room.

The Haier Hlp24e is a compact-sized washer known to take a sizeable amount of laundry per wash; the unit is perfect for both the big and small homes, and will easily fit in among other kitchen or laundry room appliances. The washer weighs about 61 pounds, which is not exactly heavy and can easily be carried through the stairs to your apartment, the base has however not been fitted with adjustable wheels thus dragging it on the floor might not be an option.

Washers in general are very sensitive units that require careful handling, and the Haier Hlp24 is not any different. So, to ensure that the unit achieves its full shelf life, users must be keen to load garments loosely around the wash basket, and clothes should not be placed directly over the center of the pulsator. The washer lid must also remain closed during use.

The Haier Hlp24e has been configured to make laundry cleaning easy, and among its best features is the machine’s delay start, which allows the users to first soak the heavily stained clothes before beginning the actual washing process. The above is especially convenient for homes with small kids.

What should you expect from the Haier Hlp24e, washer

The Haier HLP24e does sport a robust built, thus offers value for money; the incorporated wash basket is made of stainless steel material, which can be quite convenient for individuals who wash clothes frequently. In the markets, you will find that washers come with different types of wash baskets, so while the stainless steel will suffice for the frequent washes; individuals who wash less frequently will do well with porcelain-coated steel or the high-grade plastic wash basket.

When it comes to the spin, the Haier Hlp24e offers up to 800 revolutions per minute, which is also its maximum spin speed, important to remember is that the revolutions are subject to the type of clothes being washed. Important to note is that the provided revolutions on this unit will, not allow homeowners to wash thicker which require about 1000rpm.

Key features of the Haier Hlp24e

If you want a reliable washer and are working with a budget of $400 and below then the Haier Hlp24 e is what you should be looking at, check out some of its key features below.

Enables six wash cycles

When working your washer, it is common knowledge that the heavy loads do take longer to clean and the good thing is that longer wash cycles, does get the heavily soiled items properly cleaned. Haier Hlp24e has incorporated up to 6 wash cycles that allow users to clean the heavily soiled durable colorfast fabrics first and even clean soak wet garments.

Out of the 6 cycles, 4 work with a pre-allocated time, for example, if you are just cleaning normal clothes, then you will need up to 16 minutes, 10 minutes for the delicate fabrics, and about 40 minutes for the heavy-duty soiled items.

Adjustable leveling feet

Appliance installation to many people includes taking your device home and install it, in the relevant room. Many people never give thought to the orientation of their home surfaces up until the unit fails to install or even fit, thus force you to awkwardly position it in the corridors. If you, therefore, decide to get the Haier Hlp24e, you wouldn’t need to worry about your home’s surface level, because this unit comes equipped with adjustable leveling feet, designed to offer flexibility and account for the various surface levels.

Pulsator washing system

Washers are either pulsators or agitators, the former pulses water through clothes thus offers a gentle wash, while the latter moves the clothes to and fro, thus offers a scrub-like wash. The Haier Hlp24e is a pulsator which means that the clothes will not come into contact with the pulsator, and users can, therefore, expect to achieve an even wash. What’s more, is that the pulsator design allows homeowners to fit more clothes in the wash basket.

Cycle Progress display

The cycle progress display sits close to the control panel thus the necessary customizations can be made with regards to the progress of the cycle. Most people would want to remain informed of the progress of their washers cycle and quickly make the necessary adjustments. For the Haier Hlp24e therefore, users get to interact with the intuitive interface, which is pretty direct given the labeled functions.


  • Does an excellent cleaning job
  • The spin cycles work well
  • The washer features a sturdy build
  • The clothes are well cleaned


  • The washer is a bit noisy
  • Handles small loads

Final Word

The Haier Hlp24e is the ideal washer for both the small and big apartments, and will easily integrate among other appliances in your kitchen. Offering up to 800rpm, the washer will gently clean all types of garments from the heavily soiled heavy garments, down to the unsoiled garments. Operating the unit is a breeze, given the labeled intuitive controls conveniently placed besides the cycle progress display.

Dennis Vaughn

Dennis Vaughn is a certified plumber and has been offering apprenticeship experiences to most of his employees for the past 12years. Dennis owns and runs an appliance store, and has a team made of different expertise from electricians, appliance repair individuals, and plumbers. According to him dealing with appliances is one thing but the after-sales services are what makes for the loyal clients. Many people don’t know who to call when their appliances break or become faulty, and a good number are not aware of the varieties of appliances in the market tailored to fit their expectations. The above is what necessitated the creation of the extensive excerpts on the washing machine units, which come complete with directions on the simple home repairs.