Kitchenaid Kdte204dss Review

When scouting for home appliances, a good number of us will settle with the price but a majority will pay for the extra ergonomical features. And that is what the Kitchenaid Kdte204dss offers, the unit sports the large capacity utensil racks, is flexible to contain a variety of kitchen utensils and is quite efficient when handling the tough loads and even better is that it features the aesthetics.

Cleaning utensils is among the best times to have deep conversations with your favorite person in the house until a duty roster comes up and you have to do it all on your own while everyone else has gone to bed. Well, dishwashing doesn’t have to be boring, and that is why we are providing you with a hands-free solution, which apart from being affordable offers value for money.

Dishwashers are not exactly a necessity but they can free up some of your time and let you start on that book that you have been planning to read for months before going to bed. The Kitchenaid Kdte204dss is quite compact in size, will easily integrate in your kitchen, and the silver color will no doubt complement your overall décor. Individuals who are, therefore, interested in the functional features of the Kitchenaid Kdte204dss, the below-detailed review is for you.

What should you expect from the Kitchenaid Kdte204dss

The Kitchenaid Kdte201dss is feature-packed and quite innovative, to say the least; the unit is especially easy to use, with the controls conveniently placed on the inside part of the door, to keep safe from external factors that may damage it and interfere with its operations. The lower part of the dishwashers has incorporated an EQ filtration system designed to remove soil from water thus improve the overall cleaning action.

And on the inside part of the door, the user will benefit from the rinse air dispenser, designed to get rid or rather reduce spotting and in the process improve drying. The dishwasher’s construction also features the Pro Scrub Trio option, which is characteristic of powerful jets that target water towards pots, casserole dishes, and pans that have been loaded at the back of the dishwasher. The above process helps get rid of the stubborn mess.

The kitchenaid dishwasher is a perfect unit thanks to the pressurized spray nozzles, which is completed with the variable speed mortar thus offers the perfect finish.

Key features of the Kitchenaid Kdte204dss

Available two racks

Kitchenaid Kdte204dss is equipped with two racks the top and the bottom rack each of which has been customized to accommodate particular types of utensils. The top rack for example has been fitted with two spray zones, in the corners to help reach into the deeper or oddly shaped utensils. The rack is characteristic of the cup shelves that come complete with a stemware holder, a rack handle for easy accessibility, and an upper spray arm.

The bottom rack featrues durable silverware basket and a culinary caddy.

Pro Wash cycle

The incorporated pro-wash cycle feature has been designed to sense the load size, the soil amount, and the toughness of the soil, and then proceeds to adjust the cycle, for optimal cleaning by utilizing only the amount of energy and water needed.

The Pro Scrub feature

The pro scrub option incorporated in the Kitchenaid dishwasher helps to clean the tough dishes. So once the user selects the pro scrub feature, they can be sure of achieving a concentrated wash, at the back of the lower dish rack, where the hard-to-clean dishes have been placed.


The cycles incorporated in the Kitchenaid Kdte204dss have been divided into two categories, the first categories allow users to customize the unit with regard to the amount of soil. Thus they can move from the pro-wash soil sense which is the most advanced and versatile cycle, then there is the tough cycle that is normally initiated when cleaning, the heavily soiled utensils.

The normal cycle is used for the normally soiled dishes and then the light cycle, for the light utensils and those that have been lightly soiled including china and crystal.

The second category cycle will require users to select between the express wash and the rinse only option. For the former, the dishwasher will use more water and energy, and to also speed up the drying process, they can select either the heat dry or pro dry.

The rinse only option is used for utensils that will not be washed immediately and which detergents are not used.

Other features

The kitchen aid dishwashers are available in different brands thus some of the features are brand specific. In general, however, is that there are subdivisions, first the pro scrub option wash area, a separate utensil basket, the sure hold which contains the cups and stemware among other long items, and there is the Flexi fold-down feature, that can be adjusted to create room for different types of dishes.


  • The best dishwasher for the long haul
  • The unit is pretty versatile
  • Constructed with a durable stainless steel material
  • Compact and attractive


  • Finding the controls is not exactly easy
  • Must use the Tough or Pro wash clean to achieve the perfect finish clean

Final Thought

The Kitchenaid Kdte204dss is the ideal kitchen companion for all your utensil cleaning needs, the unit is highly customizable and can handle all types of utensils complete with the relevant cleaning intensity. The build of the dishwasher is sturdy and robust with the controls perfectly hidden on the inside, to ensure that they remain functional and safe from external factors.

Dennis Vaughn

Dennis Vaughn is a certified plumber and has been offering apprenticeship experiences to most of his employees for the past 12years. Dennis owns and runs an appliance store, and has a team made of different expertise from electricians, appliance repair individuals, and plumbers. According to him dealing with appliances is one thing but the after-sales services are what makes for the loyal clients. Many people don’t know who to call when their appliances break or become faulty, and a good number are not aware of the varieties of appliances in the market tailored to fit their expectations. The above is what necessitated the creation of the extensive excerpts on the washing machine units, which come complete with directions on the simple home repairs.