How to tighten washing machine drum

Your washing machine should operate efficiently with minimal noise. However, as time goes the washer may experience some issues just like any other electric device. One of the problems is its drum loosening and wobbling and it may need tightening. Here is how to tighten your washing machine drum.

A washing machine is an essential machine in a household and constantly runs from time to time when doing laundry. It’s made up of a drum which is normally the part that you see and load clothes in. THis drum moves around the machine and allows water in and out through the perforated holes on its sides and base. One of the causes of your washer not giving you best of results is the drum. This part is expensive to replace and it’s good to repair it as soon as possible. When your washing machine’s drum is loose, it gives you a poor performance and makes noise. To tighten the drum, you need to understand what’s going on and try fixing it.

What causes a washing machine drum to loosen?

The main cause of a washer’s drum loosening is due to issues with the inner tub. A washing machine contains a rear drum which comes with a ball bearing or ball bearings that enable the inner tub of drum to spin smoothly. When the bearing wears out is broken, then the washer produces a loud noise reducing the washing machine’s performance. Another cause for your washing machine drum loosening is the tub bearing. If the tub is broken or worn out, then the drum becomes loose and reduces its performance.

To resolve this issue, you need to tighten your washing machine’s drum.

How to tighten the washing machine drum

You need to check the bearings and possibly replace them to tighten the drum.

Detach the back panel of the washing machine and check the inside using a flashlight and take note of any visible damage. If you notice a problem with your washing machine’s drum, then you need to tighten it.

The first step to take is to pace a spirit leveler on top of the washing machine and ensure it’s a flat surface. This will help you determine the direction i.e. left and right.

Check the ball bearings, if they are worn out or broken then buy new ones. Some washing machine brands allow you to purchase bearings for your rear drum separately and change it.

Next, loosen the lock nuts under the washing machine’s legs and turn them in an anticlockwise direction. When loosening or tightening the nuts, then the spirit leveler’s bubble will indicate when the machine is leveled. Make sure that all the washing machine’s four legs are in contact with the floor always.

Remove the broken or worn out bearings and then replace it with a new one. It’s better to change both the bearing and rear drum if your manufacturer sells them together. If the process isn’t easy for you, then get professional assistance from an experienced technician.

If the issue is the tub and its bearings, then you need to replace the tub and bearing. This tub bearing is in the middle of the outer tub. This method requires one to disassemble most parts of the washing machine and isn’t easy. You may need to get a technician to do it for you which is costly. If your washing machine’s tub bearing is defective, then it’s recommended that you replace both the bearing and outer tub as they are mostly sold together. Once you’re done with replacing the broken or worn out ball bearings and tub, then tighten the washing machine’s lock nuts and ensure the machine is balanced.

Final word

A loose washing machine drum can be noisy besides a reduced performance. If your washing machine drum is banging loosely, for the above methods to tighten it.


How can I prevent my washing machine drum from getting loose?

Make sure you always balance your load by evenly distributing the clothes, and that the washing machine is leveled on the ground.

How do I balance a top loading washer drum?

You should check your drum for any damages including a weakened or damaged shock absorber which might be damaged due to unbalanced load. This causes the washing machine to move/shake and end up making a loud banging sound while spinning.

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