How to reset Speed Queen commercial washer

The latest Speed Queen commercial washer comes with a reset button that allows you to reset the washing machine. However, some units don’t come with this button. If you aren’t familiar with the machine, then here’s how to reset the Speed Queen commercial washer.

When ranking the best branded commercial washing machines, then the Speed Queen washer is one of the best with huge sales across developed countries. Sometimes, as a new user you may run into issues when it comes to cycle and program settings. In case you wrongly select a program or need to add clothes in the machine, then you can do so with a simple reset.

To reset the speed Queen commercial washer, turn off your washer by switching it off, unplug the washer from the electric outlet and wait for at least 5 minutes. Plug the washer back in to the wall outlet and then turn the machine back on.

When to reset your Speed Queen commercial washer

There are scenarios that will require you to reset your washer when in use.

First, if the washer does not cycle after being turned on, and then you need to perform a reset. Sometimes, a washer won’t start immediately and you may decide to reset it immediately. It’s recommended to connect the washer directly to the power outlet instead of using an extension cord. Another reason to reset your washing machine is when the machine doesn’t spin after the washing cycle starts. This is happens frequently due to programming issues. To reprogram the washing machine to its default cycle, it’s necessary to reset the machine.

To reset the washing machine, follow the steps below.

The first thing to do is to switch off your washing machine. This turns the machine off completely and helps the washer to erase the data stored in its memory. Next, go ahead and unplug the washing machine from its power source. This is an important step that shouldn’t be skipped as it cuts off all the power to the washing machine. If you skip this step, your machine might not successfully reset and the issue will persist. Now wait for a few minutes before reconnecting the machine to the power source. Wait for between 5 to 8 minutes and then reconnect the washer back into the power outlet. Go ahead and connect the washer to the power outlet and then turn on the washer. This supplies power to the washing machine’s internal system. Wait for it to fully power back on and check if the issue has cleared. If the issue still persists, then repeat the above steps one by one.

Final word

The Speed Queen washer is a top washing machine. However, like most electronic devices, it also runs into issues. To get rid of the issues, you can reset the washer. By resetting the washer, you can also get rid of many other issues. The above steps are the recommended resetting steps by the manufacturer and work on both top and front loading. If the resetting fails, then consult your user manual or call your washer’s manufacturer for further assistance.


How do I reset my washing machine cycle?

To reset your washer’s cycle, turn off the washing machine and unplug it from the power outlet. Wait for about a minute and then plug the power adapter back in. Next, turn on the washer and check if the issue has cleared.

Why does my washer stop mid cycle?

Your washer stopping mid cycle is mostly due to the door lock not shutting properly. This prevents the washing machine from operating fully and stops mid-cycle. Another cause for this is if the water inlet fails to let water in, the washer will have to wait until water flows in.

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