Kenmore Elite 41482 review

Kenmore is an established brand that has been around for more than 95 years, meaning that they are better placed to understand user’s needs. The brand retails a huge variety of washing machines, but our main concern is on the Kenmore elite 41482 and how reliable and functional it actually is.

When compared to washing clothes with your hands, the washing machine comes out as a time-saver, allowing you to focus on other needful duties. The Kenmore washer is super easy to use, and all you have to do is load the clothes, customize the settings, and leave it to do its job. Investing in a Kenmore Elite 41482 is a wise idea, as you can be sure of skipping the laundromat given the unit’s high-capacity.

The washer’s spots an interior capacity of up to 4.5cu. Ft. and that we must say is huge enough to fit in your queen blanket, among other garments. A 4.5 capacity washer can comfortably accommodate up to 20 pounds or more.

What to expect from the Kenmore Elite 41482

The Kenmore washer is an exquisite unit mainly because of the led lights and the overall workmanship. The washer’s configuration allows it to accord your garments the special treatment that they deserve, you will, therefore, be furnished with up to 6 wash motions that can be customized to wash different types of fabrics.

If you have been using washers for a while especially the old models, you must be familiar with the pre-soaking tactic that people use to try and soften the tough stains. The above process gives the washer an easy time in getting rid of the stains and minimizes the chances of your clothes coming out uncleaned with stubborn patches of stains.

Even better is that when using the Kenmore elite 41482, you can forget about pre-soaking, and instead, use the steam treatment option to rid your brightly colored clothes of tough stains. The incorporated interface on the washer is pretty intuitive and the interactive display will keep a loop on the condition of the washer.

Key features of the Elite 41482

Incorporates the leveling feet- there are occasions when you have had to improvise and get your washer to remain stable on uneven ground, simply because some areas in your house are uneven, and which make it difficult for you to properly position the washer. To eliminate the above complexities, the Kenmore 41482 manufacture has incorporated two leveling feet at the front and two leveling fit at the back.

The feet can be adjusted to suit the immediate environment and can also be locked for stability. For the above operations, you have been provided with the adjusting wrench that comes included in the washer package.

Equipped with a large capacity storage drum– once you open the easy access Kenmore elite 41482 locking door, you will notice that it has incorporated a large capacity durable stainless steel drum. To enhance functionality, the drum has been tilted, a feature that helps improve efficiency and enables the user to easily fit larger items into the washer.

The washer has incorporated a filter access panel- are you familiar with the myth of the lost socks, that disappear into the washing machines, well the mystery has been solved with the incorporation of the filter access panel in the Kenmore elite 41482. The feature has been configured to enable users to easily access the drain pump filter, and consequently give you the chance to retrieve the lost items and clean the filter.

The detergent dispenser– the good thing with the new modern washers is that you don’t have to hover around it when cleaning is ongoing. All you have to do is ensure that you have customized the settings to match the load, and put the detergents into the four compartments. Each of the above will be introduced to the wash load at the appropriate time and without your input.

Features an interactive control panel that comes complete with a led display- the led display is a buzz of customizable features, such as the cycle status, the cycle options, and the estimated remaining time for the operation. What’s more, is that the unit has been equipped with intelligent sensors that will detect the size of the load and customize the washing time with regards to the selected cycle options.


  • The door magnet keeps the door locked even when the washer is not in use
  • Installation is easy
  • The large capacity drum enables the washer to efficiently handle heavy loads
  • Using the washer involves a steep learning curve.


  • The washer must be installed on a solid floor to minimize noise
  • The washer comes with a high price tag


They say you get what you pay for, and the adage undoubtedly applies to the Kenmore elite 41482, the unit offers the next-level washing experience with all the innovative features, running automatically. Important to note is that a washer is a heavy unit and even though it comes with adjustable and lockable feet, the ground with which it stands must be stable and of the same level. The latter is especially emphasized because the washer can be used to clean heavy loads of up to 20 pounds or more thus must remain stable.

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