Kenmore 41162 reviews

Kenmore 41162 measures up to 27.0 inches in width, and 38.69 inches in height; the unit comes complete with a cord measuring up to 6 feet, which is the perfect configuration to integrate into your kitchen. Did you know that it took up to 210 years to come up with a compact washer that could be stored either in the utility rooms or the kitchen?

What is even more interesting is that back in the day to operate the washer, you would have to pour hot water into a tank and then use the turn lever to wash the clothes. To rid the washer of water, a tap had been incorporated for drainage purposes; fast forward to the 21st century and the markets are saturated with intelligent washers that only need for you to set the instructions and wait for an alert indicating that the job has been done.

What to expect from the Kenmore 41162

The Kenmore 41162 is a powerful washer designed to cater to all your washing needs, with minimal effort thanks to the smart motion technology. The latter, offers up to 3 kinds of motions, all meant to optimize fabric cleaning in each cycle. By using the 41162 washers from Kenmore, your garments will be treated to the swing motion, a feature known to afford the unit a delicate wash, and for a powerful wash there is the agitating motion and lastly the rotating motion for tangle-free.

The front loader will, therefore, handle all types of garments and load in your household without you having to worry about the clothes coming out dirty. The unit will effectively handle the bulky items, so you don’t have to sweat it, whil taking your comforter to the laundromat. The faster 1,300RPM spin speed ensures that excess water is expelled from the laundry loads, thus you can be sure that they will take less time to dry up.

When using the washer, do not shy away from the extra rinse cycle, thinking that the feature will waste your water and energy. On the contrary, the 41162 washers can still afford you some deep cleaning action, without wasting your resources, given the Energy star certification that qualifies the washer for water and energy conservation.

Key features of the Kenmore 41162 washer

Below are some of the reasons why you should purchase a Kenmore 41162 for home use.

The dispenser drawer

The liquid bleach compartment is one among four compartments in the dispenser drawer that help to get your laundry clean and smelling fresh. You will, therefore, be able to add some chlorine bleach in its compartment, the fabric softener, the prewash detergent, and the main wash liquid or powdered detergent.

Manufacturer’s recommendations must be followed when adding detergent and the dispensation of the various cleaning aids will happen automatically and at the proper time. For example, the fabric softener will be dispensed during the final rinse.

The cycle modifier buttons

Each cycle in the Kenmore 41162 has a default setting but which are customizable via the cycle modifier buttons. You can therefore customize the different cycles, and the washer on its part will move to adjust the water level to match the type and size of wash load for efficiency. Important to note is that the washer is a high-efficiency unit and the water levels might be significantly reduced but which will not affect neither the cleaning nor rinsing performance.

Cleaning the washer is a breeze

Every time you use the washer, detergent residue slowly builds up in the wash drum, leading to the development of a mildewy or a musty smell. For this problem, you can use the clean washer cycle with bleach or any other recommended cleaner for use with the front load washer. The clean washer can be run once a month or frequently with how heavily you have used the washer.

The load sensing feature

Some of the wash cycles use the load sensing feature; so, as the cycles begin the unit will measure the load size, and after determining, the controls will adjust the cycle to offer the best performance. The best thing about this innovative feature is that you will be provided with the estimated wash time, after the determination of the load size.

Features an auto soak option

Are you still having doubts on whether you should get the Kenmore 41162 washer, well if that’s the case, maybe you shouldn’t because the washer comes equipped with the auto soak feature, that allows you to presoak garments to help get rid of the tough stains. And even better is that after the 30 minute pre-soak time, the cycle that you will have selected will use the same water.


  • Equipped with innovative features
  • Easy to use
  • Can handle the heavy load
  • Saves water and energy


  • Highly-priced


Kenmore 41162 allows you to clean all types of load and stains, the unit is customizable and can even dispense the cleaning power or liquid without your help and at the proper time. The washer boasts of the Energy Star compliance certificate, meaning that you should worry less about water and energy consumption.

Dennis Vaughn

Dennis Vaughn is a certified plumber and has been offering apprenticeship experiences to most of his employees for the past 12years. Dennis owns and runs an appliance store, and has a team made of different expertise from electricians, appliance repair individuals, and plumbers. According to him dealing with appliances is one thing but the after-sales services are what makes for the loyal clients. Many people don’t know who to call when their appliances break or become faulty, and a good number are not aware of the varieties of appliances in the market tailored to fit their expectations. The above is what necessitated the creation of the extensive excerpts on the washing machine units, which come complete with directions on the simple home repairs.