Ge Washer Gtwn5650fws Reviews

The Ge Washer Gtwn5650fws is not the easiest washing machine to find in the stores. The new model top loader is feature-packed and even better is that it tops the list of the most advanced hydrowave units that you will ever come across.

Now among the downsides of the hydrowave units is that they take a long time to get the washing done, and that is about 45 to 55 minutes. The units are additionally loud when spinning or draining, so given that the Ge washer GTwn5650fws is a new model, fighting its way through the high-efficiency washing machines, we will dig into its features, to see if it has incorporated any new innovative features and whether it has improved it washing time.

What to expect from the Ge Washer Gtwn5650fws

When it comes to getting a washing machine to use at home, a lot of consideration is directed towards the unit’s capacity. If you have a household with many members then a washer of between 3.6 to 5.1cu. Ft. should be sort. The above criteria, therefore, qualifies the Ge washer as a family unit with the ability to handle up to 16 pounds.

The unit’s spin rate has been set at 700RPM, a feature that sadly offers average performance given that there are so many washers in the market that offer higher speeds.

Key features of the Ge Washer Gtwn5650fws

The wash cycles

The Ge washer is among the most flexible units to operate, in terms of the types of fabric to wash and when dealing with the different soil intensities. The washer, therefore, allows you to deal with both the tough and easy to remove stains and can be used to handle different quality fabrics without causing damage.

The spin rate is however low, and which means that your clothes will come from the washer with a lot of water on and consequently require more drying time. The washer unfortunately also has a lower energy factor, meaning that it will cost more to run it and will, therefore, use more energy.

The automatic temperature control feature

Well automatic hot and cold water control happens to be one of the washer’s best features given a good number of the units in the market are traditional. The unit will, therefore, regulate both the cold and hot water supply, to provide you with the right temperature water, for the cycle that you will have selected. Important to note is that during the cold days the washer will run the hot water for longer.

Features a stainless steel drum

The stainless steel drums incorporated in most washers including the Gel washer Gtwn5650fws helps enhance the durability of the washer. And in the same vein, the feature also protects the integrity of the clothes, minimizing holes and tears.

Equipped with the remaining time display

The Ge washer has not included a lot of the important features such as the steam feature, but we are grateful for the remaining time display feature. The latter is convenient because it gives users a chance to glance at the digital interface, find out the estimated finish time, and plan their days accordingly.

Equipped with a quick wash feature

The quick wash option is quite an advancement for the Ge washer 5650fws given that some of the high-end units lack this particular option. So, if you are in a hurry, and want to run some garments past the washer, just use the quick wash feature and you will be out on time. We would however not advise you to do this as a last-minute resort to a cloth that you want to wear, because the washer doesn’t wring clothes and will, therefore, take a lot of time to dry.

Incorporated the customizable temperature feature, spin, and soil settings

5 soil settings are reliable especially for a home that has kids and pets. The 5 spin settings are also convenient, as they help reduce moisture levels on clothes. And lastly, you will be able to alternate between the soil settings, and which is the perfect opportunity to clean clothes with the various soil intensities.

Features a programmable wash cycle

The Ge Washer Gtwn5650fws allows you to program the wash cycle, thus the washer will run at the time that you want. The above works best if you plan to use the washer when the utility rates are at off-peak.


  • Set up and use is easy
  • Equipped with a huge tub
  • The washer is easy to program
  • Has options for water and energy efficiency


  • The unit produces a loud noise when working
  • The washer is prone to repairs


The Ge washer Gtwn5650fws is an average washing machine but will amaze you with some of its advanced features. The unit is reliable but for the price, you can be sure that you are going to miss out on the most relevant features, such as the steam function, and the quick spin that makes the clothes take a shorter time to dry up.

Dennis Vaughn

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