F28 Error Code Whirlpool Duet – How to Fix

The F28 Error Code is indicative of a communication breakdown between your motors control unit and the central control board. The motor control unit incorporated in washing machines ensures that the motor is powered up, so if the control board is not functional, then the washer will not start.

How to fix the F28 Error Code in a Whirlpool Duet

The first thing to do when resolving the F28 error code is to check on all the connections, starting from the central control board, which is located at the top inside part of the washer, and the motor control board that is located at the bottom of the washer.


To fix the F28 error code in the whirlpool duet you will press the cancel or the pause button two times and the power button once. If the code is yet to clear, you will have to disconnect the washer from the power supply and let it stay disconnected for one minute. If you had laundry in the washer, when doing the clean wash cycle, you will have to get rid of the items in the drum and then restart the clean wash cycle afresh.

If the results are still not impressive, you will have to reset the whirlpool duet washer control by powering it off for up to 30 seconds, then check your fill hoses and turn off the water. Disconnect the hoses and then put them back and run a diagnostic test.

Unplug the power plug

Sometimes when your washer moves around while working it could lose its connection leading to the F28 error code. The above can be corrected by unplugging all the connections, from the motor control board, and the central control unit, and then plug them back in, the F28 error should be cleared but if that does not happen then the motor control unit must be replaced.

And if you still get the error code after replacing the motor control unit, you will have to replace the central control unit. The motor control board and the central control board don’t retail cheaply, so if you are on a budget, best you get the used ones, that retail at a fair price. Be sure, however, to consider the age of your washer, so that you don’t encounter compatibility problems.

How to fix an intermittent F28 error

Some whirlpool duet washers will not run past the spin cycle; so upon running diagnostics, you will be presented with an F28 error and which is not a big deal. The above could be a result of a loose connection, to the user interface or the central control unit. To fix the error, you will first ensure that the wiring and plugs are properly connected, then carry out a thorough checkup to see if there is any faulty wiring.

How to solve the F28 Error code on a WGD9400SWO Whirlpool duet

The F28 error code displayed by the WGD9400SWO whirlpool duet while in the diagnostic mode indicates that the moisture sensors are not working. And you must, therefore, replace the moisture sensor strips; remember that the strips come in pairs and should both be replaced.

How to fix the F28 error code on the Whirlpool Cabrio dryer

At times when you try and replace all the parts that could be the root cause of your appliance’s F28 error code, the unit still refuses to work. Take, for example, you could have replaced the moisture sensor bar and the two strips but you are still presented with the F28 error code.

Most people will have reached the wall at this point, but there are still some other things that you can do to eliminate the error code. You will therefore, ensure that the connection between the main electronic control board and the motion sensor is solid. If the wiring is intact and the moisture sensor has already been replaced then the problem is in the mainboard, and which must be replaced.

Final word

The F28 error code on the display of your whirlpool duet could be caused by a variety of things, in some cases disconnecting the unit from power and connecting it again, could solve the problem. But in serious cases, you might have to replace both the motor control board and the central control board.


How do I run a diagnostic with the whirlpool duet washer?

Choose any three buttons on the washer, except the cancel, power, and start button, and then press the 9 buttons in eight seconds, be sure to be fast.

Where is the filter located on a whirlpool duet washer?

Check under the front kick plate, you will find the filter.

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