Fisher Paykel Wa3927g1 Reviews

Washers just like any other home appliances are not the easiest to purchase, simply because there are too many brands with enhanced features, which make it hard for home owners to get one that is not only functional and durable but one that suits their style. The Fisher Paykel Wa3927g1 is not exactly a high-end unit but quite functional and a compact unit for small homes with minimal storage space.

If you are working on a budget and are looking for a washer that can effectively carry out the simple, wash, rinse and spin processes, then you might want to stick around and learn more about the Fisher Paykel Wa3927g1. The buzz around washing machines can be confusing, some people will tell you not to buy the washer, dry because it does none of the processes well, and others will warn you about the new tech washers because they frequently experience issues with the motherboard.

So to avoid the above we will provide you with a comprehensive review of the Fisher Paykel Wa3927g1, to help you make an informed choice, with regards to functionality budget and style.

What you should expect from the Fisher Paykel Wa3927g1

Looking at the design of the Fisher Paykel Wa3927g1, you can tell it is among the simple to operate washers, and easy to troubleshoot. Some of the common problems that you are likely to experience are such as a small puddle of water under the machine; the above in most cases indicates that the water level is too high for the clothes that are in the washer.

Sometimes you will find that the wash water temperature fails to heat, or is just warm and which is not a cause for concern, because the unit normally works with two wash phases; the second phase is usually cooler when compared to the first, as it has been configured to minimize on energy use. For the above, therefore, users don’t have to worry about the wash performance.

On other occasions, you will find that the wash time takes longer than anticipated; the above is indicative of low water pressure, which then increases the cycle time. The Fisher Paykel Was3927g1 is an intelligent and customizable unit, in some cases, users might have to intervene to boost its functionality.

For example, when the wash load is out of balance, the machine usually tries to re-try spinning but if the balance load is still off, then you will get a notification via the display “out-of-bal.” The washer will still try to correct the problem by adding water, agitate and redistribute the load, before engaging another spinning round.

Key features of the Fisher Paykel Wa3927g1

Some of the best features of the Fisher paykel Wa3927g1 have been outlined below to offer more insight, on the effectiveness of the washer.

Equipped with smart touch control

The Fisher Paykel Wa3927l is a modern unit that has conveniently moved from the traditional buttons to providing users with an intuitive interface. The Smart touch control feature offers autonomous customization options; users can, therefore, alternate between the six washing cycles, ranging from heavy, to regular, the easy iron, and the delicate. It is also easy to reset.

The washer is quiet during use

It is one thing to do your laundry and quite the other when you have to involve all members of your household with noise emanating from the washer. So, depending on the type of garments that you are cleaning, the washer can take awfully lots of time to get the job done, so even if you are doing the light clothes the idea is that you focus on something else, before your laundry is done.

The Fisher Paykel Wa3927b1 will therefore, not pollute the environment with unnecessary noise when working, thus a good option for small apartments.

Saves Energy

Energy efficiency is among the categories that we normally use to decide whether a particular appliance will be a welcome addition to our homes. The Fisher Paykel Was3927g1 works to save energy, and as discussed earlier, the washer runs two washing phases, with the second phase providing only cool water to minimize energy use while also offering the best wash performance.

High load capacity

The regular capacity washer normally allows users to load about 12 or 16 pounds of laundry, and which measures, 3.1 to 4.0 Cu. ft. The Fisher Paykel Wa39127g1 measures about 3.9 cu. ft., and can, therefore, be categorized as a large-capacity model capable of effectively handling up to 17 pounds. Users can, therefore, clean their heavy laundry with this washer including those that are heavily soiled.

Eco-active configuration

The Fisher Paykel washer is an eco-friendly equipment, that comes equipped with a unique pumping technology, designed to take back water and detergent to the clothes, ensuring the clothes are thoroughly cleaned and all stains removed.


  • The capacity is exceptionally large
  • The best washer for the long haul
  • The washer is compact and easy to move thanks to the casters
  • Offers value for money in the long run


  • Mostly washes in cold water
  • Warm water is only available with the allergy cycle

Final Thought

The Fisher Paykel Wa3927g1 features an intuitive console, is energy efficient, and a high capacity load. The unit does have a simple design making it easy to use even for the new users, the retail price is budget-friendly and can easily integrate with the various kitchen plans, that have provisions for washers.

Dennis Vaughn

Dennis Vaughn is a certified plumber and has been offering apprenticeship experiences to most of his employees for the past 12years. Dennis owns and runs an appliance store, and has a team made of different expertise from electricians, appliance repair individuals, and plumbers. According to him dealing with appliances is one thing but the after-sales services are what makes for the loyal clients. Many people don’t know who to call when their appliances break or become faulty, and a good number are not aware of the varieties of appliances in the market tailored to fit their expectations. The above is what necessitated the creation of the extensive excerpts on the washing machine units, which come complete with directions on the simple home repairs.