Yirego Drumi Portable Foot-Powered Washing Machine Review

Are you looking for a small, portable, travel friendly, eco-friendly washing machine? Check out the Yirego Drumi Portable Foot-Powered Washing Machine Review for A washing machine that operates without electricity, is easy to carry around and can fit into any small spaces.

Minimalism has become the new normal in modern homes. It applies to everything from furniture, to design and even laundry. If you live in a small home, it can be hard to fit into this lifestyle, especially with the type of equipment out in the market. Washing machines are huge, and consume a lot of electricity and water, which is the opposite of what you want to have in your home.

The Yirego Drumi is the perfect washer for this lifestyle. This compact, portable washing machine is foot powered and consumes less water than a regular or automated washing machine. It saves time, energy and space simultaneously. The washer is compact enough to store in a cabinet when not in use. It is also perfect for camping in an RV or for people living in small apartments and homes.

What you should expect from Yirego Drumi Portable Foot-Powered Washing Machine

The Yirego Drumi portable foot powered washing machine is the perfect washer for small loads. The washer can handle a small batch of laundry that weights 5 lbs. In on load, you can probably wash one outfit or a week’s worth of couple of inner wears. With the Drumi foot powered washing machine, it only takes users about 5 minutes to wash and rinse a load.

The unit is small enough to fit into a travel RV or camper. It is an ideal portable washer for people on the move. It helps keep your clothes clean with minimal struggle.

The Yirego Drumi portable washer consumes less water compared to other portable washing machines. It is a compact, durable solution for people living in small spaces and having small laundry loads. It is also an eco friendly washer that allows users to do laundry anywhere, at any time without having to struggle.

Key features of the Yirego Drumi Portable Foot-Powered Washing Machine

Here are the key features of the Yirego Drumi

Small and portable

The Yirego Drumi is small, and compact but without noises, lights and wheels. The unit weight 15 pounds, has a 10 litre capacity and is 22 inches tall. While the Yirego Drumi is fairly small, it is sizable enough for a considerable amount of laundry. Measuring measures 19.5 x 15.8 x 16.4 inches, it is perfect for small rooms, RVS, outdoors, campers and more. Due to its size and weight, you can carry this washer anywhere you go to reduce the worry about having to do laundry.

Easy to use

The machine is pretty easy to use. There is no need for real expertise or knowhow to operate this compact machine. All you need to do is add in the recommended size of clothes, which also include delicate fabrics to the drum. The recommended size is about ½ or ¾ full of the drum. The Yirego Drumi comes with a glass that has a marking that lets users know when to stop when the drum is 5 litres full of water.

Pour your water into the dram, latch the white plastic cover to seal it and add detergent of fabric softener into the cover opening the put the glass lid on top. Once you are done, pump the pedal for about two minutes. To release soapy water unlock the spindle located at the back. Users are then required to add 5 litres of water pump the pedal for 2 minutes and unlock the spindle to get rid of the rinsing water. Once you are done, take out the clothes and hand them to dry. If you own a dryer you can use it to dry your clothes instead.

Sustainable way of laundry – Green washing machine

Due to manual operation and less water used, you can have impressive results over time. The average washing machine uses about 50 litres 914 gallons of water each cycle. With the Yirego Drumi washing machine, you can cut that down by 1/3. Basically, you can do laundry anywhere without the need for electricity, and will need much less water. You can lower your carbon footprint by a lot. However, the energy saving is only substantial if you use the Drumi as your main washing machine.

It is a great choice of users trying to cut down on electricity and power use. People living in RVS, trailers, apartment homes and new families may find this washer very useful. The Yirego Drumi is a sustainable way of doing laundry for individuals who live off grid and want to clean their clothes with minimal expenses.

Removable drum – easy to clean

This is among the only washing machine models that lets users see what the inside of the machine looks like and how it works. The Yirego Drumi has a detachable drum which you can take out to clean and place back in with zero efforts.

Spin dryer

The foot -powered washing machines is fitted with a spin dryer that runs at a speed of 600rpm. This allows you to wring out your laundry after wash and before drying. While it may not work like a normal dryer, it drastically reduces the time needed to hang your clothes and dry.

Multifunctional – Not restricted to clothes

With the Drumi, users have better control of how fast it spins. This creates the possibility of washing more things. Other than the usual laundry, you can use the Yirego Drumi to clean couch covers, small rugs, small sports equipments and even some shoes. While the manufacturer solely focuses on clothes, this washing machine can do a lot.

You can also use this foot powered washer as your secondary washing machine. When you have laundry that exceeds the required capacity, you can use this energy saving machine to clear it off while your primary washing machine works on the larger laundry load.


  • Has a neat, compact design
  • Uses less water than standard portable machine washers
  • Lowers the carbon footprint
  • Has a reasonable price
  • It is great for small homes and off grid use like cabins and camping
  • Requires little upkeep


  • You need a hose for water removable
  • Does not replace machine washers fully
  • You need to wait to get one
  • The efficiency of stain removal is not guaranteed.

Final word

The Yirego Drumi portable foot-powered washer is the washing you want to have in your modern home. This environmentally friendly washing machine does not require any electricity or much water to function. You can save on water, detergent and much mover over time. The washing machine is made with solid engineering and high quality materials like aluminium and steel.

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