Samsung 5.6 Top Load Washer Reviews

The introduction of high-capacity laundry machines in the market has reduced the laundry days to once a week just like in 19th century Britain, where Mondays were reserved for washing. However, dedicating a whole day just for laundry can at times be hectic because of the washer’s capacity, meaning that you might have to distribute the chore within the week not unless you have the Samsung 5.6 top load washer.

Samsung as a brand commands a lot of respect in the various product niche that they venture into and which also goes for the washers. The Samsung 5.6 Cu. washer is, therefore, available in both the top and the front loader design, we will, however, direct our attention to the top loader that offers up to 1,100 RPM and can handle your one week’s laundry in one wash.

What to expect from the Samsung 5.6 Top Load washer

The Samsung 5.6 Top Load washer is packed with innovative features, some that enhance its functionality and others that enhance its security and convenience, such as the child lock feature. The unit has been configured to handle a wide variety of soils, and with the soil setting level at 5, you can be sure that the washer will take care of the most stubborn stains.

The Samsung 5.6 top loader washer features up to 5 spin speed settings, and which gives the user the option of setting the spin speed that matches the type of cloth in the washer. For example, when cleaning with delicate clothes, you could use the lowest spin speed setting to protect your cloth from damage. The washer also comes equipped with automatic dispenser trays, so all you have to do is put your detergent, bleach, and softener and they will be introduced to the washing at the right time.

Key features of the Samsung 5.6 top load washer

Varied washer settings options- when using the Samsung 5.6 top loader, you will be presented with a couple of wash settings. You will, therefore, find that you can adjust the water temperature with regards to the amount of soil and whether the garments to be washed are colorfast. Ideally is that you can tweak the temperature to match the type of garments that you are washing, whether they are whites and heavily soiled, or whether they are moderately soiled and fast colored.

Customizable spin settings– for this unit you have the option of setting the speed to extra high, and which is used to get rid of water in the washing load. The high spin speed is best when used for undergarments, jeans cloths, and sturdy cottons. Interestingly is that you can also set your washer not to spin, and will, therefore, drain the washing load without necessarily spinning.

The soil level feature– before washing you will sort your clothes, so for heavily soiled clothes you can use the extra heavy soil level, and select the light option for the lightly soiled clothes. If you have garments that are not at all soiled then you can select the extra light option.

Features the steam wash technology– the steam wash cycle is meant to specifically improve the cleaning quality of your wash. The steam is, therefore, released from the bottom of the laundry tub and which enables it to saturate every item encouraging deep cleaning while obliterating the hectic pre-treatment process.

Operates silently– Samsung has introduced to the 5.6 top loaders the patented VRT technology known to minimize noise and it will, therefore, operate at an incredibly low noise level. What’s more, is that the incorporated innovative tub design will effectively balance the heavy loads thus do the washing quietly.

Equipped with a self-clean feature- the innovative self-clean technology helps keep the tub fresh and will, therefore, get rid of dirt and bacteria by carrying out a combination of processes. The Samsung washer will, therefore, pulsate, soak, and spin at high speed, the self-cleaning feature will additionally send reminders for the tub to clean after at least every 40 wash cycles.

Equipped with the Swirl drum– the swirl drum interior helps preserve the quality of your fabrics, and in the process extend the clothes shelf life. The small water holes are efficient for protecting clothes from snagging, but at the same time ensures that the clothes are deeply cleaned.


  • Can wash up to 4 laundry baskets in a single load
  • The steam wash feature improves the cleaning quality of every wash
  • Equipped with varied washer cycles
  • The different temperature settings enable the treatment of tough stains


  • Not convenient for the long term


The Samsung 5.6 Top loader is a highly efficient washer, but with a steep learning curve for new users. The unit has so many customizable features, thus it will take some time before one can efficiently operate it. On the flip side, however, is that the washer will get the job done in one wash, it is a high capacity unit that can work on both the tough and the non-stained clothes with relative ease.

Dennis Vaughn

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