Whirlpool Washer F22 Error Code – How to Fix

The Whirlpool washer F22 error code normally appears when the main controller fails to lock the door of the washer. The unit will, therefore, make up to 6 attempts before you are presented with the F22 error code on your display. If the above happens, there is no need to have a fit because there are a couple of procedures that can be adopted to help clear the code and get your washer back to its normal operational mode, check below.

The Cabrio reset procedure  

On the display pad of your whirlpool washer, you will click on any button, and it will clear the error code, or better yet you could either press PAUSE/CANCEL, then select a cycle, or press start. If this does not work, we have a full guide on how to reset the cabrio washer.

Replace the lock of the door

As mentioned earlier the F22 error code, indicates a problem with the washer’s door lock. So, the first step towards replacing the lock of the washer’s door is by first releasing the washer from the flow of current, by unplugging it from the wall socket, and getting rid of the top of the washer.

For effortless disassembly, you will first remove the fastened screws at the rear end of the top and then move it back a little and the washer’s top will be released. You will then inspect the wiring, right from the control unit down to where the door locks. Check for abnormalities on the plugs and the wiring, if everything is in order then it is time to replace the door lock.

Before replacing your whirlpool washer door lock, you should get the replacement number, so that the replacement can seamlessly integrate.

Replacement procedure 

  1. Open the door of the washer and find the latch assembly normally located on the side of the door at the front panel.
  2. To get the latch assembly out, you must first remove the outer bellow clamp
  3. And using a flat head screwdriver, you will first remove the spring that is situated underneath the bellow.
  4. You will then remove the two screws fastened above and below the latch assembly using the torque driverWith the screws off, you can now pull the bellow away from the frame to access the latch assembly.
  5. As you reach out to the latch assembly ensure to first lift it from the mounting tabs before pulling it out of the washer gently and far enough to easily take the wires off.
  6. Once you have the latch assembly on hand, remove the upper shield that is ivory white
  7. You will then be presented with a white locking tab which you will release and pull the wire harness off.
  8. Once the wire harness is released, you will notice that you can easily turn the latch assembly and release the blue wires at the back.
  9. Turn the latch assembly around to spot the two pink wires and release them together with their locking tab.
  10. The door latch assembly has now been freed and you can now put the new one in place. So the first step is to attach the wiring harnesses beginning with the pink one that you released last.
  11. Ensure that the mounting is done properly on the inside, rotate the latch assembly fit it on the small window, and put the screws back in. You will then put the below back on and then the spring which will be inserted together with the outer below.
  12. Your washer is now ready to run and you can plug it back to the wall socket.

Important to note is that the whirlpool washer comes in many different models, you might, therefore, want to ensure that the model that you own can benefit from the above process.

Final thought

Before replacing your door lock assembly, you might want to check and ensure that the lock is actually faulty. You will, therefore, check if the door assembly is damaged, if there are no signs of physical damage then you will have to plug the washer back into the wall socket and run it again. If you still get the F22 error code then you have no choice but to replace the door lock assembly.


How do I reset my whirlpool front load washer? 

First press the start/stop buttons one time. Proceed to rotate your dial until the rinse wash and stoplights illuminate. You will then turn off the washer and unplug it from the wall socket for up to 10 seconds, you will then turn it back and it should have reset.

How do I remove the code on my whirlpool washer? 

You will press the cancel button twice, and the power button. The latter should be pressed once and if you can still see the code, you will disconnect the washer from the wall socket for at least one minute. If there were any items in the washer then you will have to remove them and restart the clean washer cycle.

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