Whirlpool Washer Making Loud Noises When Spinning – How to fix

If you keep hearing a loud noise during your spin cycle with the whirlpool washer, it is an indication there is a problem with some parts in the machine. If so, check out this article on whirlpool washer making loud noises when spinning and how to fix them.

If you have a whirlpool washer, you have probably grown accustomed to the sounds the machine makes during spinning. In this case, it is easy to notice a difference in noise with your washer. When you hear loud noises with your whirlpool while spinning, whether it is pounding, squealing or grinding then you definitely have an issue. You don’t want to wait for the machine to break down completely for you to fix it. Here are same few possible causes and fixes when your whirlpool washer is making loud noises when spinning.

Whirlpool washer making loud noises when spinning – common causes and fixes

A defective tub bearing

One of the most common causes of a noisy whirlpool washer during spinning is a defective tab bearing. Top loading whirlpool washers have one bearing located near the transmission. Front loading whirlpool washers on the other hand have two bearings at the bottom of the washer tub. The bearings are meant to keep the tub running smoothly.

The bearings in the whirlpool washer are protected from detergent water and other elements using a protective seal. However, overloading your washer with laundry and harsh detergents can cause wear, exposing the bearings. This prevents the tub from spinning as smoothly.

In this case, the best solution would be to repair or replace the tub bearings. You can choose to replace the outer tub and bearing of the rear drum and bearing depending on which bearing Is defective if you can find the components together. Replacement will involve disassembling the washer. Therefore, it is recommended to call a professional for the job.

Worn out drive pulley or damaged drive belt

When you whirlpool washer makes noise when spinning, the most probable cause would be the drive pulley. The pulley works by rotating the washer drum with the drive belt using the transmission of motor. If the drive pulley is lose, bent, worn out or cracked, your washing machine will make noise during spinning cycles. The pulley is located at the back of the washer’s drum and is prone to cracking, bent or becoming loose with time.

If the drive pulley is defective or damaged, you will need to replace it of the washing machine could stop spinning overtime. To determine if the drive belt is broken, take it out and inspect it carefully. If damaged, replace it immediately.

Failed Motor Coupling

The motor coupling is typically found in whirlpool top-loading washing machines. It connects the motor to the transmission. The coupling protects both the motor and transmission by failing is the whirlpool washer is overloaded.

The motor coupling wears down due to prolonged exposure to heavy laundry loads or overloading the machine. However, it can also fail due to normal wear and tear over time. If your washing machine is making a loud noise during spinning, you need to inspect the motor coupling to determine if it is broken of damaged and replace it.

Faulty Clutch assembly

The clutch assembly connects the transmission and inner tub and helps propel the washer to its required spin speed. Overloading your washer may wear out the clutch over time making the tub spin slower and louder during the spin cycle. Upon failure, the clutch assembly needs to be replaced as it cannot be repaired.

A failed transmission – The whirlpools transmissions have gears, meaning they could fail causing the washer to e defective and noisy during spinning/operation. However, whirlpool transmissions are of high quality which means this is a rare case. Before you replace the transmission, ensure to check other parts for defects.

Final word

It is easy to notice the difference in noise when you have a damaged whirlpool washing machine. A loud noise during spinning means your washing machine has become worn out or is lose and will need repair or replacement. This article should help you find the issue causing the loud noise in your washer during spinning.


Why is my whirlpool washer vibrating or shaking during the spin cycle?

One of three parts including the suspension spring, suspension rod or shock absorber, could be broken. If any of the mentioned parts is broken, your whirlpool machine will start vibrating during the spin. If broken, make sure you replace them immediately so your washing machine can function normally. Thankfully, most of these are common issues that are very easy to fix. If not, it is always advisable to call a professional for the repair or replacement.

Why won’t my whirlpool machine spin when loaded?

Older whirlpool washer models have an in-built feature that prevents it from spinning when overloaded. If automatic load redistribution fails, it remains unstable and the spinning process won’t start.

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