How to Fix Whirlpool Washer F22 Error Code

Whirlpool washing machine is automated, reliable and relatively quiet making it a good choice for any modern home. When you have problems, the washing machine will display a set of error codes. Here is how to fix whirlpool washer f22 error code.

Whirlpool machines have earned their name in the modern home. Their popularity stems from their reliability, easy use and automation. But just like other washing machines, whirlpool washers are not free of problems. As a whirlpool user, you need to learn the error codes displayed on the washing machine to understand what is going on and to try and fix it.

What does the f22 error code on the whirlpool washer mean?

The whirlpool washer F22 error will appear on the small display screen when the main control attempts to lock the door unsuccessfully. After 6 attempts of trying, the control displays the error code f22. Here are some steps you can take to try and repair the problem.

When there is a front door lock issue, try the following method to resolve it;

First, is the washer door firmly shut? The whirlpool washer’s door must be completely closed for your machine wash to operate. In some instances, the door may look closed but the latch may not e on for some reason

The first solution to try is to open the door and close it firmly. Check to verify that here is no wash media like fabric softener or detergent built up around the door, preventing it from closing and latching up. If there is, clean the door with a damp cloth and warm water

Another thing that could cause the f22 error is overloading the washer. If you were in the middle of laundry, make sure you check the door for items sticking out, preventing it from closing fully. An overloaded whirlpool washer basket can keep the door from locking up completely. You need o leave enough space by reducing the load. Finally, shut the door, press power and start your washing machine.

If you have tried the methods above without success, you need to check for other issues and fix them. Another way you can troubleshoot the f22 error on your whirlpool washer is by replacing the door lock assembly. In some cases, the door may be jammed simply because the door lock assembly is broken. You can order the door lock assembly by checking the replacement number of your whirlpool washer to get the right model.

  1. Unplug the whirlpool washer from the power source
  2. Next take off the washer top
  3. You will see a couple of screws at the back side
  4. Remove the screws, slide the top back and it should come off easily.
  5. Next, check the wiring that leads to the door lock from the central control unit to the door lock.
  6. If the wiring is ok, the plugs should be seated properly.
  7. Replace the door lock mechanism with your new assembly.
  8. Screw the top back on and the whirlpool washer should be able to function normally.

NB; if you need the replacement part number to your whirlpool washer, you can visit whirlpool tech help service to order.

If your whirlpool is still not working correctly, resetting it is another way you can get It back up and running. The easiest way to know how to reset your whirlpool is to check the manual. Here are some basic steps for resetting a whirlpool washing machine.

  1. First step, turn off the washing machine
  2. Next, turn the dial mode to normal. Turn the dial clock counter clockwise once to the left, clockwise three time then counter clockwise once and finally clockwise once.
  3. Finally, press the start button and all cycle indicating lights should e illuminated and the error on your whirlpool washer solved.

Final word

Your whirlpool washer will display an error code if it has identifies any fault or problem during use. The process of identifying an error code and fixing the problem will be similar for all Whirlpool Washers with the same error codes. This guide should help you diagnose and troubleshoot the problem easily.


Are the error codes F22 and F23 the same?

Yes, these two error codes appear when there is a problem with the thermostat circuits. However, when you get error code f23, it means the thermistor circuit is open while the f23 means the circuit is short.

Will a bad thermistor cause the dryer not to heat?

Yes. Once you get other f22 codes severally, you will notice a difference in your whirlpool washer. A ad thermistor can cause the dryer to stop heating. However, it may also be an indication that you have other issues with your machine. Other parts that can cause the dryers heating circuit to stop include control board, centrifugal switch on the machines motor, high limit thermostat and more.

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