Electrolux vs Ge washer – which front loading washer is more convenient?

Electrolux washers bring in some of the best washers with high class cleaning and stain removal abilities in the modern homes. How does Ge compare in terms of front loading washers? Read the Electrolux vs Ge washer comparison to find out.

Ge and Electrolux are among the companies that make some of the most advanced washers in the laundry business. They are competing companies, producing reliable, high quality washers for the modern home.

Before selling off to a Chinese company in 2007, Ge was Ge. Now it is a huge division of Haier.. Haier brought in a new laundry brand into Ge, incorporating the best features to their existing washers and adding new washer models. Electrolux on the other hand, is based in Sweden. It is one of the first companies to produce stainless steel home appliances including machine washers an affordable price for home use. While the company started off as general electronic and mainly cooking appliances, they are more popular for their washers. Electrolux produces some of the most innovative washing machines in the competitive laundry market.

It is one of the top brands when it comes to laundry care and laundry equipment. While the company is popular, it exclusively focuses on producing front loading washing machine technologies. This multinational, 100+ year manufacturing company has been producing electronics that serve the user’s needs

The Electrolux vs Ge washer comparison will help you find a convenient washer to match your laundry needs.

Electrolux vs Ge washer comparison table

GE GFW850SSNWW Smart front load washer

Electrolux EFLS627UIW Front Load Washer

Spin speed
1300 RPM
1300 RPM
5.0 cu. ft.
4.4 cu ft capacity
Wash cycles

Electrolux vs Ge washer Washers comparison overview

Electrolux EFLS627UIW Front Load Washer overview

A modern home requires a modern machine like the Electrolux front load washer that is attractive and also does the job. This washer is designed with a reversible door which allows users to work It into any large spaces with plumbing constraints. This 38 x 27 x 32 inch washing machine can hold up to 4.4 cubic feet of water. It is an ideal machine for more compact laundry rooms.

Do you have kind of a limited space in your laundry room? No need to worry. With the Electrolux, you can choose to place it side by side with the dryer but it can also fit into a stackable format. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the washer being shaky when stacked with a dryer. The Electrolux EFLS627UIW is balanced, and has minimal vibrations when spinning.

It is fitted with a ton of features that are easy to navigate and make the everyday laundry experience easy. The cycle selector in this machine has options for normal wear, active wear, colors, whites, delicates, heavy duty, 15-minute fast wash and clean washer. You can also customize the spin speed, temperature and type of soil to your liking. Its LED display has a large digital timer, and stain removal features.


  • Can fit in plenty of laundry
  • Has steam option for deep cleaning
  • Has great performance with the POD
  • Reversible washer door


  • No hand wash option
  • Long wash cycles
  • Needs more than detergent to fight stains

GE GFW850SSNWW Smart front load washer

If you are searching for a compact washer with excellent reliability and performance, you have to check out the GE GFW850SSNWW. The machine is made with antimicrobial technology that gives a durable protection. This feature is perfect for fighting mold, odours and mildew. It is a great feature for small families with toddlers and babes.

The smart dispense technology will save you time and make laundry much more effortless. The intelligent dispenser can hold up to 32 loads of detergent and is designed to automatically dispense the right amount each time you do laundry. With the Ge has Wi-FI connectivity feature, you can control the washer using an app. It can send you alerts to signal when the washing cycle is done and also when you are running law on detergent.

Other features that make this washing machine desirable include the power steam, one step one wash and dry and the Dynamic balancing tech.


  • Has antimicrobial technology
  • Has a venting system that controls odours
  • Has Wi-FI connectivity
  • Reversible washer door
  • Is great at sanitizing
  • Has steam option for deep cleaning


  • Has considerably long wash cycles

Electrolux vs Ge washer – what are the differences

These are some of the similarities and differences in features between the Ge and Electrolux washers


Steam – both machine washers have steam. They give users an option for a seam cycles which is helpful when it comes to getting rid of powerful stains.

Reversible Washer Door – the Ge and Electrolux both feature reversible washer door. It makes it easier for users to transfer clothes from washer to dryer.

1300 RPM Spin Speed – with the 1300 Rpm spin speed on the washers, wring out excessive water takes less time, which cuts down on the drying time for your laundry. Compared to other washers, the drying time is considerably fast.

Channelled venting- The vent on these two washers is channelled, which means there is no depth on your dryer. They are perfect for laundry rooms with smaller spaces because users can vent the machine to the side.

Differences between the Ge and Electrolux washers

Size and capacity – the washers are slightly different in size. The Ge is deeper, taller and wider than the Electrolux by about two inches. The machine has a capacity of 4.4 cubic feet while the Electrolux is 5.0 cubic feet deep.

Wash cycle – The Ge has a slower wash cycle when compared to its counterpart. For a small load, it has 20 minute cycle while the Electrolux only need 15 minutes for the same.

Pod dispensing- The Electrolux EFLS627UIW Front Load Washer is one of the few full-sized laundry machines that can dispense pods.

One step wash and dry – With the Ge, you can wash and dry a small load without having to transfer it to the dryer to get the job done. This means it can act as a washer as well as dryer for people who do small laundry loads each time.

Wi-FI connectivity – Ge has Wi-FI connectivity that lets you control the washer using an app. This mart functionality features works well for laundry.

Electrolux vs Ge washer, the bottom line

Both the GE GFW850SSNWW Smart front load washer and the Electrolux EFLS627UIW Front Load Washer feature high temperature water boosters, stain focused cycles, high RPM spin speeds and steam. They have similar capacities, with the GE able to sustain about 4.3 cubic feet while the Electrolux can reach 5.0 cubic feet of water. They both feature 5 speeds, which can be used for delicates, towels every day wash and a rinse combination. To find the more convenient washer, it all comes down to your laundry needs.

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