Panda PAN56MGP3 vs Giantex EP23113 Portable Washers

Whether you are camping, travelling long distance in an RV or living in a small apartment, a sizable portable washer can come in handy. Check out this Panda PAN56MGP3 vs Giantex EP23113 Portable Washers to find the right design for your needs.

When it comes to saving space in a small apartment, a camper of even a small home, a compact portable washing machine is the right type of equipment for you. Portable washing machines should be easy to set up in space deprived areas but they should offer you reliability in terms of electricity and water. The Panda PAN56MGP3 vs Giantex EP23113 is a comparison of two, high quality portable washers in the market today. Which one is more efficient for a modern home with for your laundry needs? Read on to find out.

Panda PAN56MGP3 vs Giantex EP23113 Portable Washers comparison table

Portable Washers
Panda PAN56MGP3
Giantex EP23113
10 lbs
20” L x 19.5” W x 34” H
Volume capacity
1.34 Cu.ft
1.34 Cu.ft
Water levels
Tub material
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
51 lbs
51 lbs

6Panda PAN56MGP3 vs Giantex EP23113 Portable Washers comparison overview

Panda PAN56MGP3

Panda Full-Automatic Portable Machine, 1.34 Cu.ft,10lbs Capacity, Light Gray, PAN56MGP3, 10 Wash Programs, Compact Top Load Cloth Washer
  • Your purchase includes One Panda PAN56MGP3 Portable Washing Machine, one quick connect adapter kit, one inlet hose and one drain hose
  • Washer machine dimensions: 20” L x 19.5” W x 34” H. Volume capacity: 1.34 Cu. Ft. Max hold weight: 10 lbs. Length of inlet hose: 39”. Length of drain hose: 55”
  • This machine only has one water inlet that can connect to a standard faucet using the inlet hose and quick adapter in the package. Please adjust water temperature by the faucet
  • Regular 3 prongs 110 Voltage can be plugged anywhere. 310 Watts of motor rate, it saves the electricity bills
  • Electronic controls with LED display 10 washing programs and 5 water levels Stainless steel drum is durable and resists rust and chipping

If you are in search of a small, compact, portable washer, the Panda PAN56MGP3 might just be the one for you. the Panda PAN56MGP3 is an efficient washing machine, suitable for small apartments, college dorm rooms and, RV, campers and small homes. It has an 11bl washing capacity, which is perfect for small family laundry.

This 20 inch by 19 inch by 34 inch washing machine can fit in small spaces, in your bathroom, laundry room closet as well as your kitchen. It is lightweight enough to carry around, which makes it convenient for travel.

The Panda PAN56MGP3 is easy to install. It is an automatic, pre-installed washer which also makes it easy to use. All you need to do is connect the quick adapter and inlet house to the faucet. Unlike other mini portable washers, you don’t need to manually fill this machine with water yourself. The machine automatically draws water during each phase of its washing cycle.

With this washer, users have freedom to adapt the machine to their needs; you can use it in spaces that don’t have typical built in connections. If you have regular washing machine connections, you can use them in place of a sink. All you need is a u mixer hose to merge the cold and hot connection into a single inlet in the washer.

The Panda PAN56MGP3 has a drain pump instead of a gravity drain. This means you won’t have to place the drainage tube below your internal water level to drain the washing machine. All you need is a tub where you can place the hose and drain the water freely.

One uncommon, convenient feature with this washing machine is that users can manually increase the water level when need arises. The washing machine has a water level button which you puch to add water into the tub during the wash cycle.


  • Have electric LED controls
  • The transparent lid lets users view the washing process
  • Is lightweight
  • The tub is made of stainless steel


  • You may need to purchase longer hose

Giantex EP23113 Portable Washer

Giantex Full-Automatic Washing Machine Portable Compact 1.34 Cu.ft Laundry Washer Spin with Drain Pump, 10 programs 8 Water Level Selections with LED Display 9.92 Lbs Capacity
  • 〖Easy to Operate〗- On the control panel are there ten programs, 8 water level selections and LED display. All functions and operation including water level/spin, program/delay, time set and child lock are listed clearly. Detergent and procedure choice are also included to meet your various needs.
  • 〖Compact Design & Large Load Capacity〗- Giantex washing machine is compact and lightweight for you to easily move it in your home. But the honeycomb shaped inner tub can load 9.92 lbs at one time and wash many clothes for you. In manual, we also listed reference weight of various clothes.
  • 〖Time and Water Level Control〗- Under delay function, previous to washing, the digital timer shows your preset time but when it is washing, the digital timer shows the rest washing time. Pressing water level/spin button, you can select appropriate level. If you need to add water during washing, you can press water level/spin button and un-press will stop adding.
  • 〖Easy and Safe to Operate & Monitor〗- With detailed and specific manual, it is easy and convenient for you to operate it and inlet and drain water. Clear and transparent lid allows you to see and monitor the water and washing condition. Once child lock function is set, all buttons are locked and the machine stops run and error alarms if the top lid is opened.
  • 〖Multifunctional Control Panel〗- Automatic Imbalance Adjustment and Adjustable Foot. While spinning, if the laundries inside the tub are not put equally, it would cause violent vibration. At this time, our washing machine’s imbalance adjustment function will start automatically to adjust the imbalance situation if vibration is beyond certain level. Bottom feet can be adjusted to meet your needs.
Are you looking for a good portable washing machine that can take the load off doing laundry? The Giantex EP23113 Portable Washer is a good candidate. It Is a compact, portable washing machine that boasts good washing power and efficiency in small apartments and home. This washer also offers portability and ease of use.

Its size allows easy set up in small laundry rooms, Rv’s, campers, small apartments and homes. This makes it efficient and convenient for people who have smaller living spaces and don’t have access to any extra space but are looking to spend on a washing machine. The tab in this washing machine can hold up to 9.92 pounds of clothing. This is enough loads for a small family of 2 or a couple of loads if you live alone.

The Giantex EP23113 Portable Washer has 8 different water levels and 10 different washing programs. All these choices give you the similar control to that of a regular, family sized washing machine. Therefore, if you need to wash a small load of laundry, all you need is to adjust to the water level and washing programs needed.

Next to the buttons, on the front of the washing machine is an LED display screen. On the screen is a display timer that lets users know the time left for your washing process/cycle.

Other features that make the Giantex EP23113 Portable washer more useful and convenient include a faucet and varying pipes that allow water to flow in and out of the washing machine. The pipes are easy to set up.


  • Is light weight
  • Easy to set up
  • Is a full automatic washing machine
  • Saves water and electricity
  • Comes with in-built pipes and an automatic drainage
  • Small and compact


  • The washer can be loud

Panda PAN56MGP3 vs Giantex EP23113 Portable – what are the differences

Size and capacity

The Panda PAN56MGP3 weights about 51lbs and measures 20” L x 19.5” W x 34” H this makes it convenient for small houses, apartments and RVs. The Giantex EP23113 Portable also weighs 51lbs but measures 19.7″x19.8″x33.6″ in size. These two compact washing machines are about the same in size. Both washers come with massive 1.34-cubic-foot stainless-steel tubs that you can use for laundry.

There isn’t much difference when it comes to the laundry capacity of both washing machines. The Panda PAN56MGP3 can sustain about 10lbs of laundry while the Giantex EP23113 Portable washer can fill up to 9.9 lbs of laundry.

Both washing machines come at a convenient size and can handle a considerable amount of laundry during washing. However, the Giantex EP23113 Portable washer has 3 more water level choices than its counterpart, adding up to a total of 8. This makes it more versatile in terms of laundry sized one can do.

Control panel

On the front part of both top-loading machines is a control panel that is very easy to operate on both washers. Everything you need to know about both washers can be seen on their control panel’s digital display.

The Giantex has auto imbalance adjustment that keeps your washing machine in place during high speed spinning and violent vibrations, preventing major damages to your washing machine.

In the Panda PAN56MGP3 vs Giantex EP23113 Portable washers’ comparison, the Giantex EP23113 is the clear winner. Both washing machines have excellent features that are pretty similar. They are similar in size, load capacity and weight. It all comes down to washing machine automation and control.

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