Advantages and Disadvantages of Front Loading Washing Machine

Are you looking to purchase a washing machine but are still shaky on the idea of getting a front loader? Check out the advantages and disadvantages of front loading washing machine to make your decision much easier.

Front loading machines are quickly becoming popular in modern households and for a good reason. With a front loading machine, modern homes can save water, energy and space. However, just like other washing machines, they do have problems. Is it worth it? Let’s explore the benefits and drawbacks of owning a front loading machine.

Here are the main advantages of front loading washing machines

They are stackable

With front loading washing machines, users access the washtub through a front hatch. This means that for most washing machines, the top surface is free.

You can stack a dryer set on top of the washer, which saves so much on space. Lower capacity front loading washing machines save so much space, especially for people living in dorms or small apartments.

Spin cycle

Front loading washing machines have a faster spin cycle. Most models spin faster in the last cycles to remove excess water from your clothes faster. They also take out more water from your clothes than top loaders. This means you can dry your clothes much faster, which less drying time to look forward to.

They don’t have an agitator

Without the agitator pole or impeller found in top loaders you don’t have to worry about ruining your favourite clothes while they are in the washers. The front loading washing machines cleans your clothes effectively and reduces the chances of wear significantly on your clothes. It also means you can wash more clothes in a single round that most other washing machine models.

Energy efficient – They use less water and detergent

When compared to other washing machine models, front loading machines use considerably less water during washing. Front loaders work by drenching the clothes inside with moving water. However they do not need much water to clean your cloths. Unlike top loaders, they don’t need to soak in a tub of water filling the machine. While your detergents selection is limited when using front loading machines, you don’t have to worry about going over your budget since you are going to need less of it anyway.

Quieter operation

The motors in front loaders run on controlled dc voltages. Normally, washing machines care controlled by ac power which can be very loud. While front load washing machine ma whistle during the spin cycle, they hum much less than their counterparts. When placed in a laundry room, behind a closed door, the front load washers are nearly impossible to hear.

Disadvantages of front loading washing machines

They need more maintenance

There are a lot of issues that could happen with front loading machine. First, the control modules could break down forcing you to spend more money fixing it. Second, if the door is not left open, the washing machine could develop mould and mildew easily, which causes it to stink. This means you can’t store the washing machine indoors since you need t air it to dry after every wash.

Slow washing speed

Front loading machines have a long washing speed that involves several washing stages with automated programs. It can take you well over an hour to wash a load of clothes that would take much less time on a top loader.

Low door placement

When not placed on a raised platform, these loaders tend to be difficult to load and unload. You need to end down to reach the door when loading and unloading the machine. If you have any medical issues involving your back, this should be a consideration when purchasing a washing machine.

Locked door

Once you pile in your dirty laundry into the washer, shut the door and start the machine, ether is no going back. This means if you forget to add in a few clothes, you will have to wait until the next wash to clean them.

Temporary laundry loss

With the front loading washing machine, users have to worry more about losing smaller garments in the washer after laundry.

Final word

While front loading washing machines are more energy efficient, space efficient and have a quieter operation, they do have longer cleaning cycle and you won’t get rid of problems that easily. Do the benefits out way the disadvantages? It all depends on what an individual is looking for in a washing machine.


What is the main difference between a front loading and top loading washing machine?

Front loading washing machines have the door to the drum on the side while top loading machines have their door on the top side of the washing machine.

Can all front loading machines be stacked?

Unfortunately, no they can’t. There are varying reasons why some front loading machines can be stacked; for some models, important parts of the machine like detergent dispensers are located on top of the washer, making it difficult to stack a dryer or anything on top of the washer.

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