Can You Put Vans in The Washing Machine?

Keeping vans sneakers clean is a huge challenge, especially if they are your everyday normal wear shoes. Is there a shortcut? Can You Put Vans in The Washing Machine? Check out this article to find out.

Vans are a fine addition to any outfit. While they are comfortable and durable, they can be difficult to keep clean. Can you put your vans in the washing machine? There is no simple answer to this question. The washing process for your vans will depend on the kind of materials they are made of. Only canvas and synthetic vans should be deep cleaned in a washing machine.

How to clean your canvas and synthetic vans in a washing machine

Using your washing machine is the easiest way to clean canvas vans and synthetic. Here are steps to follow when using your washing your vans with a washing machine

STEP 1: Remove any caked on dirt on the vans

If your shoes are dirty and muddy, this is how you want to star before getting them into your washer. Take the shoes outside, hold them over a bin, earthy surface or trash back and shake the dirt away. If the vans are muddy, try scrapping them off with a stick. Alternatively you could let them dry before brushing the mud completely off. A toothbrush or soft shoe brush should do when scraping off the dirt off the upper part of the shoe. If your van is mud free, you can skip to the next step.

STEP 2: Pre-treat your vans if needed

If you have some grease or oil on your shoe, this is the perfect time to get it off before throwing them into the washer. You can use an enzymatic stain remover or any commercial stain remover to get rid of the stains on your shoes. Apply it on the stain and let your shoes sit for the recommended time.

STEP 3: Prep your washing machine

To keep your shoes intact, you need to use the coolest and most gentle setting on your washer. It is recommended to keep the washing machine n cold water setting and on gentle cycle.

This is essential for the safety of both your shoes and the washing machine. High settings may send your shoes flying and banging on the inside of the washer causing major damage it.

STEP 4: Place your vans in a pillowcase

This is an extra precaution to protect your washer and prevent the glue or seems of your van from going lose while in the machine. Alternatively, you can choose to place the shoes in the washer and load it with other soiled clothing pieces to make it gentler on the washer.

NB: if your vans have lace, take them out to hand wash them.

STEP 5: use little detergent or to clean your vans

Drop your prepped vans into the washing machine and add less than half the amount of detergent you use for a wash. For a top loading machine washer, allow them to soak for a couple of minutes before you start the cleaning cycle on your washing machine.

STEP 6: Air dry your vans

Once the washing cycle is complete, don’t throw your vans into the dryer. Doing that can dry out the soles and canvas material, leading to cracks along the seam of the shoe. Take your shoes out, towel dry them and place them in a shady area with lots of wind to dry. If you are n a hurry, you could wrap the shoes in a towel and throw them in the dryer to speed the drying process before you place them out to air dry.

Here are some dos and don’ts when cleaning your vans shoes

  • Clean out the dirt of mud from your vans before throwing them into the washing machine
  • Use dye free bleach on your white vans to avoid any stains
  • Use mild or soap detergent when cleaning your vans in the washing machine
  • Don’t throw your vans into the washing machine without understanding its materials and structure
  • Don’t dry your vans out in the sun for too long
  • Don’t over vans in a washing machine too often
  • Don’t use solvent cleaners on your vans because they will likely loosen the bond/glue.
  • Don’t put suede shoes in a washer. Read our guide to find out how to clean them

Final word

Throwing your vans into the washing machine is an easy way to deep clean your canvas vans. However, you should not use this method constantly as it could damage your shoes over time.


Can I use bleach to clean my white vans?

Yes. If you need to bleach you white vans, always go for dye-free bleach to avoid any yellow stains on your shoes afterwards

Can you put vans in the dryer?

It is not advisable to place canvas shoes in the dryer as they may crack, leading to permanent damage to the shoe.

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