How to reset whirlpool cabrio washer

Whirlpool cabrio washer is an energy-efficient washing machine that many people have invested in. Having this machine can help you fulfill your laundry needs fast.

Though the washing machine performs as expected, you may experience some problems while using it. Knowing how to reset this washer can help you solve an issue with ease. For you to reset this washer, you should use the reset function. Start by clearing the error code by touching any button on its display pad. You should then select another cycle and click start. Go ahead and disconnect the washer from the power source for a few minutes, then restore power. Select a new cycle and click on start. Here is more!

Why should you reset your whirlpool cabrio washer?

Resetting this washing machine can help you fix different issues. It can eliminate any data-related problems that could be hindering the washing machine from working. If you keep on receiving an error message every time you want to use this machine, you should consider resetting it.

Suppose you make a mistake while setting the machine and you reset it; you can quickly eliminate the problem. If the washing machine experienced a sudden malfunction, you should consider resetting it. Things such as spikes or power surges often cause electrical problems in washing machines. A reset on the whirlpool cabrio washer can also help you solve such electrical issues.

If you reset the whirlpool cabrio washer and nothing changes, the problem is likely to be mechanical. In this case, you should consider contacting a maintenance specialist. You cannot solve mechanical issues such as a leak or a bad motor by resetting the washer.

Follow these steps to reset the washer

The whirlpool cabrio washer comes with a reset function that is built into the machine. This is the function that you should use when your washing machine is not responding. For you to reset this washer, proceed to the display pad and press any button. Doing this will send a signal to the washer to clear any error code. Alternatively, click on the section labeled pause/cancel.

To test whether the light reset has worked, you should select a cycle then press start. Disconnect the washer from the power source. Give it at least five minutes before plugging it back in. Once you plug it in, you can now select any cycle. For you to conduct a troubleshooting test, you should click on start. Turning the washer without any clothes in it can help you determine if the reset worked. If you realize that it is still not working, you should perform this reset procedure at least one more time.

Apart from this procedure, you can also reset the whirlpool cabrio washer through an alternative method. Start by turning the washer off. The mode selector dial should be normal. You can then start turning the dial counterclockwise one click and then clockwise three clicks. After this, turn the dial again counterclockwise one click and clockwise one click, then click on the start button.

The cycle indicating lights at this point should be illuminated. Click on the start button at least once, then rotate the washer’s dial until the wash, stop and rinse light shine. Once they light up, you should switch off the washing machine and unplug it from the power source for a few seconds. Once you turn the washer back on, it should be reset. If you notice that it still not working, perform this procedure again.

Though most of the whirlpool cabrio washers come with a reset function, a few of them don’t. If you don’t find the reset function on your model, look at the repair manual. This should give you clear instructions on how to restart the washing machine. If you are having trouble trying to reset a whirlpool cabrio washer that does not have a reset function, simply unplug it from the power source then plug it back in. This can do the trick.

A summary of how to reset a whirlpool cabrio washer

Method 1
Method 2
Touch any button on the display pad
Turn the washing machine off
Press pause/cancel
Set the mode selector dial at normal
Select a cycle
Start by turning the dial counterclockwise one click, then clockwise three clicks.
Press start
Proceed with turning the dial counterclockwise one click, then clockwise one click.
Disconnect the washing machine from the power
Click on the start button
Plug it in and select any cycle
Turn the washing machine off for some time and then on.
Press start


If you have invested in the whirlpool cabrio washer, you need to learn easy techniques to fix it in case of any issues. Let the steps above help you reset the whirlpool cabrio washer back to its starting position.


Is the whirlpool cabrio washer a reliable model?

Yes. This is one of the highest-ranked washing machines in the industry known to be reliable and user-friendly.

What can make such a washing machine unbalanced?

Improper loading often causes this. As you load the machine, you should ensure that you spread the clothes on the bottom part evenly.

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