How to reset a Samsung washing machine

The Samsung washing machine is a reliable home appliance with different innovative home features, sensors, and programs. Buying this washer can help you handle laundry easily.

Though this washing machine is the most popular brand that many households invest in, you may sometimes get error codes while using it. You should know how to reset the washing machine program. For you to reset the machine, you need to power it off then on again. Doing this will clear the error code and make it start functioning properly. Here is more!

Resetting a Samsung washing machine

Even if you have just bought the Samsung washing machine, you should not find it hard to do simple tasks such as resetting it. You can reset the program by turning off the power. Ensure you give the washer sufficient time to obtain the electrical charge back. This often takes less than five minutes. Once the period is over, you can now power the washer back on. It should be reset by now.

The Samsung washing machine has different error codes. Understanding the meaning of each error code can help you figure out the problem and how to reset the home appliance. Some of them are discussed as follows.

Error Code DC

This is among the most common error codes in a Samsung washing machine. It can show up if the machine’s spins get blocked by function. As you use this washing machine, you should avoid overloading it since this can negatively affect its performance. The machine is equipped with a load detector sensor.

When you overload the machine, the sensor will detect this. Once the dc error code shows up, you need to reset the washer’s program. For you to reset it when this code shows up, you should open the machine’s door to disburse the loading. Loading heavy laundry in the machine, such as putting large blankets in it, can slow down the spinning process. You can reset this error code by pressing the cycle selector.

Error Code DL

The DL error code shows up when the Samsung washing machine is not functioning. If the washing machine is running and the door gets unlocked, the DL error code will show up. Ensure that you always lock the washer’s door every time you do laundry to avoid common occurrences of this error code. If your machine has shown this error code, you need to reset the program.

Confirm that you have not overloaded the machine. You can then turn off the washing machine by pressing the power button. Give it a few seconds before turning the washer back on. After 30 seconds, the washing machine program should be reset so that you can continue utilizing the Samsung washer.

Error Code Hr

The Samsung washing machine needs both hot and cold water for washing. If, for instance, the washer’s temperature is out of control, the Hr error code is likely to show up. You can solve this by resetting the program. Start by confirming that the room water heater is working correctly. You should also check whether the machine’s hoses are connected. For the washing machine to function properly, the hot and cold water hoses have to be linked correctly.

Error Code LE

When you see this error code on the washing machine, you should focus on the machine’s water level. This error code shows up when a Samsung washing machine does not have adequate water to begin a washing cycle. The device can only work well if it has enough water. For you to reset this program, you should ensure that your home water supply has at least 20psi pressure. The water inlet valve should also be working correctly.

Error Code FL

This code indicates a problem with the machine’s door lock. If the washer’s door fails to lock, you will get this error code. Solving it is easy. Start by confirming that nothing is hindering the door from locking. Once you confirm this, you should try locking the machine’s door tightly. Press the power button. Once you do this, the Samsung washing machine will restart.

Here is a summary of the error codes and their meaning

The load is unbalanced, preventing the machine from spinning.
The door is unlocked as the machine runs
This home appliance has failed to lock the door.
There is a problem with temperature control
The machine’s motor is not operating properly
The washing machine has not reached the required water level.


Every time you experience a problem while trying to operate the Samsung washing machine, you should consider resetting it. You should remove power from the machine for some time then switch it back on. Paying attention to the common error codes we have discussed above can also help you figure out how to fix the washing machine.


What should I do to balance the load in the washing machine?

Move the clothes around the washtub to ensure that they are not positioned in only one area.

What should I do if the motor of my Samsung washing machine fails to run?

Consider restarting the cycle. You can do this by pressing the cycle selector dial.

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