Why are washer pedestals so expensive?

Do you have mobility issues? If yes, doing laundry can seem quite tedious. Even when you have a washing machine, taking clothes in and out of the device can strain your back.

You don’t have to go through such an experience since washer pedestals can help. Though washer pedestals are not cheap, they can make doing laundry a breeze. Washer pedestals come at a high cost due to the convenience they add while doing laundry. The extra features that they come with also contribute to their high price. While some of them include storage spaces, others feature Icu washing machines. Here is more!

What are washer pedestals?

Whether you are pregnant or aged, you should have a comfortable washing experience. If you have been using a washing machine but still find it strenuous to put clothes into it, you should consider investing in washer pedestals. Also known as laundry risers, these are platforms that raise the washer above the floor. Since they raise the washing machine by over 30 cm above the ground, they can make laundry a more comfortable experience.

Apart from this, washer pedestals also have storage spaces built into them. You can use such areas to store your fabric cleaners or detergents after doing laundry. These spaces are quite helpful for a family that has a lot of laundry needs. You can even use these built-in spaces to store dirty clothes until you are free to wash them. Washer pedestals are also versatile since you can use them with either front-loading or top-loading washing machines.

The cost of washer pedestals

If you are ready to get this accessory for your washing machine, you should be prepared to pay a lot. The cost of washer pedestals can go as high as $350. Various washer pedestal models have differing prices. Apart from that, the market offers washer pedestals made from different materials. While some are made from wood, you may also come across steel and titanium pedestals. Choosing the best material can help you get value for your cash. Avoid wood washer pedestals since they can rot when exposed to water.

Most customers choose steel and titanium washer pedestals since they are more long-lasting and look good. As you look for suitable washer pedestals, you should also know that not all of them are compatible with every washing machine. If, for instance, you have a Samsung washing machine, focusing on this manufacturer can help you find washer pedestals compatible with your device.

Other brands such as Kenmore and LG have also come up with their line of washer pedestals. Getting washer pedestals from such brands can even cost you more since such accessories have additional features. For instance, you can find washer pedestals that have ICU washing machines in them. Washer pedestals from LG are unique since they can attach to the washing machine magnetically.

Should you invest in washer pedestals?

Due to the high cost of washer pedestals, some people wonder if they are worth investing in. Though this platform can cost you money, it can be of great help, especially if you experience chronic back pain. Washer pedestals are worth it since they can help you organize your washing and even declutter the laundry space.

Getting advanced washer pedestals can help you wash more clothes in a single cycle. The market has some pedestal washers that serve as standalone washers. If, for example, your washer breaks down, and you have such a washer pedestal, it can function as a supplemental washer so that you don’t get stranded. If you invest in LG washer pedestals, you can use them to wash delicate clothes that you usually wash by hand, such as innerwear.

Despite their merits, not everybody should invest in washer pedestals. If, for instance, you have a tight budget or you don’t wash your clothes regularly, you may not need washer pedestals. Using alternative methods can help you elevate your washing machine. For instance, cinder blocks can help you raise your washer while at the same time saving you a lot of cash. If you don’t want to buy washer pedestals, get a few supplies to make your own.

Examples of washer pedestals

Check on Amazon
LG Tall washer pedestal
14 inch
SAMSUNG WE272NC pedestal
6 inch
Samsung WE402NW/A3
14.2 inch


Washer pedestals come at a high price range since they enhance comfort during laundry. They are designed to elevate the washing machine and thus minimize the need to bend over every time you need to put more clothes into the washing machine. While some come with extra storage spaces, others function as separate washers.


Should I buy an LG pedestal from my Samsung machine?

No. Though such a washer pedestal may be of the same size as your washing machine, it is not compatible. Get a washer pedestal from Samsung instead.

Do I have to buy washer pedestals when buying a washing machine?

No. Though this is not compulsory, buying one can prevent you from straining your back every time you do laundry.

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