How to reset whirlpool cabrio washer

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How to reset a Samsung washing machine

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How to clean your Samsung washer

When last did you clean the washing machine? If it has been a while, you should spare some time to do this. Cleaning a Samsung washer can prevent it from odors and micro-organisms that like building up in such machines. You need to clean different parts, including the surface, detergent drawer, and pump filter. Running … Read more

Are stackable washers and dryers safe?

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Are washing machine hoses universal?

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How to bypass washing machine water level sensor

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How to Bypass Lid Lock in Kenmore Washer

Reaching into your washing machine is hazardous and that is why your washer has incorporated a lid lock. A washer’s lid lock bypass is especially discouraged in a household that has kids, because they might attempt to try and retrieve an item when the washer is running and end up hurting themselves. Additionally, if you … Read more