How to clean your Samsung washer

When last did you clean the washing machine? If it has been a while, you should spare some time to do this.

Cleaning a Samsung washer can prevent it from odors and micro-organisms that like building up in such machines. You need to clean different parts, including the surface, detergent drawer, and pump filter. Running a self-clean cycle is also advisable. Read on to learn how you can go about each step.

Cleaning the washer’s surface

For you to maintain a Samsung washer properly, you need to clean the surface. Get rid of any surface blemishes on parts such as the door of this washer. Such blemishes are often caused by detergent and water residue. You need a damp cloth and a mild detergent for you to get rid of most spots on the washer’s surface. A small amount of detergent can help you clean the washer’s surface easily. You can clean the area with a damp cloth while maintaining a circular motion. Dry the surface properly using a microfiber cloth.

Cleaning the detergent drawer

If your washing machine uses too much detergent, it can make the detergent drawer look sticky and dirty. This can also make it hard for a high amount of detergent to reach clothes during washing. Cleaning the detergent drawer can help you eliminate this and get rid of any odors in a Samsung washer. This is easy to maintain since you only need to wipe the detergent drawer dry after each wash session.

To clean it, start by pulling the detergent drawer and lift the detergent dispensers out. You can rinse these dispensers using some warm water so that you can remove any detergent residue in them. Feel free to clean the detergent dispensers using a soft brush. The only way you can clean the drawer opening thoroughly is by removing it. Pull both sides of the detergent drawer at once, then pull it out. You need a non-metallic brush for you to clean this drawer. Once you have finished cleaning the drawer, you can put the inserts back in, then align the drawer with the rails and return it to its position.

Cleaning the washer pump filter

The pump filter is a crucial part of a washing machine since it filters debris such as lint from finding its way into the system. Ensure that you clean the pump filter once every month. This can help you eliminate odors and minimize the chances of mildew from building up into the washer. Cleaning the pump filter is also important since it can help the washer drain properly.

For you to clean it, open the access panel for you to locate the rubber hose. Get a large container and a towel for you to drain the water. Once you have drained the water, you should twist the pump filter counterclockwise to remove it. You can use a soft brush to get rid of any dirt on the pump filter. Confirm that the drain pump impeller that is found inside the housing does not have any dirty materials. As soon you clean the pump filter, you should reinsert it by twisting it clockwise. Secure the drain hose, then close the access panel.

Run a self-clean cycle

Apart from routine cleaning, you should also run a self-cycle on a Samsung washer. You should do this once a month. Before you start, ensure that the washing machine has no clothes in it. Press self-clean followed by start. If the washer has a mold smell, you should use bleach as you run the self-clean cycle.

If you notice any residue in the machine during the cycle, consider doing a second self-clean cycle once you are done with the first one. Running this cycle can help prevent the growth of mold in a Samsung washer. It cleans areas that are prone to accumulating detergent and moisture residue. It can reach the places that a normal cycle cannot. The self-clean cycle can take more than an hour.

A summary of how to clean the Samsung washer

Cleaning the surface
A mild detergent can help you eliminate blemishes on the washer’s surface.
Cleaning the detergent drawer
Cleaning this part can help you get rid of the odor

You need to remove the detergent drawer

Clean the detergent dispensers using a soft brush

Once you clean the detergent drawer with a non-metallic brush, return it

Cleaning the pump filter
Doing this enables the washer to drain properly

You need to drain the water

Clean the pump filter with a bristle brush

Running a self-clean cycle.
Empty the washer and press self-clean, then start


A well-maintained Samsung washer can function well for a long time. The steps above can help you figure out where you need to start.


How can I keep my Samsung washer fresh between cleanings?

If, for instance, you have been washing with cold water, you should consider running a cycle with hot water. This can prevent detergent and soil buildup.

Should I leave the detergent drawer open or closed between cycles?

Leave it open to air it out. Doing this can prevent mildew from forming.

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