Whirlpool Cabrio Wtw7000dw Reviews

How many years do you estimate to get out of your washer? Well, washing machines are the types of home equipment that we save for and purchase for the long term; the reason many people look for recommendations before settling with one. The Whirlpool Cabrio Ww 7000dw is among the modern washers that will give … Read more

LG Wt1901cw Review

Washers from LG are durable and can give you a service of over 10 years, before you even take them for the first repair. But from the structure of most washers, you can tell that they are simple machines with the major components being the big belt driven drum. The LG washers, have therefore, been … Read more

Kitchenaid Kdte204dss Review

When scouting for home appliances, a good number of us will settle with the price but a majority will pay for the extra ergonomical features. And that is what the Kitchenaid Kdte204dss offers, the unit sports the large capacity utensil racks, is flexible to contain a variety of kitchen utensils and is quite efficient when … Read more

How to tighten washing machine drum

Your washing machine should operate efficiently with minimal noise. However, as time goes the washer may experience some issues just like any other electric device. One of the problems is its drum loosening and wobbling and it may need tightening. Here is how to tighten your washing machine drum. A washing machine is an essential … Read more

How to reset Speed Queen commercial washer

The latest Speed Queen commercial washer comes with a reset button that allows you to reset the washing machine. However, some units don’t come with this button. If you aren’t familiar with the machine, then here’s how to reset the Speed Queen commercial washer. When ranking the best branded commercial washing machines, then the Speed … Read more

How to remove blood stains from clothes

Removing a blood stain especially dried blood from fabric can be a difficult task. This can end up ruining your fabric or forcing you to throw it away. Here is how to remove a blood stain from your clothes. Accidents occur, whether in the kitchen while chopping vegetables, during a shave, a nose bleed, or … Read more

How much water does a washing machine use

washing machine with agitator

Washing machines are a fast and more efficient way of washing your laundry at home. But how much water do they use? Doing your laundry consumes water with a washing machine consuming a significant amount of it. According to research by the Water Research Foundation 2016, a washing machine accounts for around 16% of an … Read more

Haier Hlp24e Review

Home appliances are not exactly easy to use, leave alone troubleshooting; so as you invest in the various types of home appliances, we would like to introduce you to the Haier Hlp24e. The washer features an intuitive interface, is quite portable, easy to troubleshoot, and will occupy a small footprint in your kitchen or laundry … Read more

Frigidaire Fftw1001pw Review

Are you looking for a washing machine brand that you can trust, the FrigidaireFftw1001pw is a timeless top loader washer, sports a traditional white outfit but in a modern sense. Some of its best features that we will discuss later in this article are its 8 effective washing cycles, the varied water temperatures and its … Read more

Fisher Paykel Wa3927g1 Reviews

Washers just like any other home appliances are not the easiest to purchase, simply because there are too many brands with enhanced features, which make it hard for home owners to get one that is not only functional and durable but one that suits their style. The Fisher Paykel Wa3927g1 is not exactly a high-end … Read more