Most Common Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Problems – with Solutions

Most of the new homes come equipped with appliances mostly in the kitchen, some of which are the washers. Now the thing with washing machines is that there are so many brands, some sport the traditional design with so many buttons, and others are modern digital units with few buttons and an intuitive interface. Both the modern and traditional washers are bound to get faulty from time to time thus you should be well versed with some of the common problems that you are bound to encounter and how to troubleshoot them.

If you, therefore, moved into a home with a Whirlpool Cabrio Washer below are a consolidation of some of the problems that you might encounter.

Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Problems

Rust spots on the inside lid

It is almost impossible for washers to remain rust-free, given the amount of water that they are exposed to. Rust spots are therefore a common occurrence for washers, and they have the potential of staining your clothes especially the white ones. Now, rust spots will not go away they will only expand in size and develop on other areas of the lid, so, given that the washer is still in its mint condition, you will have to deal with the rust spots as soon as they appear.

Clean the area with a paste of baking soda and lemon juice and then paint the area to avoid further development of the rust.

Problem with the lid lock

In certain occasions the washer lid lock would unlock after being locked making it impossible for the wash cycle to begin. If your lid latch is dirty, it will not make contact thus the washer will not begin its cycle. So to get it up and running, you will have to clean it with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, ensure to clean all the contact areas around the lid and the washer. At other times the door would sound like it is engaging and then fail to engage, if this happens then it would be best to run a diagnostic test. If the display is showing the F22 Error code, then please follow our instructions on how to fix F22 Error code for Whirlpool washers.

The washing machine leaves white deposits on clothes

White deposits on your garments could be an indication that the washer needs cleaning. This problem is likely to arise with the high-efficiency washers because they rarely have enough water to get rid of detergent or soil residue that usually clings to the washer. Also note the period with which the deposits occur, if it is within the winter months then it means that the powdered detergent does not completely dissolve in cold water thus it would be ideal to switch to using warm water.

Whirlpool washer won’t start

There are a couple of reasons that could lead to this problem and the most common one is lack of power or using an extension code instead of connecting the washer to a wall socket. Other times, however, it could be problems with your control board, which must be removed and diagnosed. At times debris or loose particles would break off behind the start button and make the button to malfunction.

You will also want to check the wiring with the voltage meter, what you will be looking at are the timer and the controller if they have failed then the control panel must be replaced.

If the display panel is showing F28 Error then the washing machine most likely will not start at all. Please check our detailed guide on How to Fix F28 Error for Whirlpool washers.

Your washer may not start if an error code is showing, even if the error is fixed. In this case, reset the washer. Our guide on how to reset your whirlpool cabrio washer lists the steps you need to take.

The washer makes loud noises

Noise from your washer can be frightening and worse still is that there are different causes to this problem, but what you should first do is listen to the type of noise being produced. If it is a clanging noise then you should level your washer on the ground immediately because it might get damaged.

If the noise is loud and thumping, the load is unbalanced, you must then stop the cycle and redistribute the laundry, also take note if the washer is overloaded then you will have to remove some of the pieces of laundry in the washer. If the noise is high pitched, then you will have to get inside the washer, just remove the outer housing and look for loose nuts, if the problem persists then you will have to seek the services of a professional.

The washing machine releases a burned plastic odor

If your washer has a burning odor, you cannot ignore it, so the first thing to do, is switch it off and unplug the unit. Check the drive belt, check your control panel or the motor transmission, if any of the above is the problem, it must be replaced.


The Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Problems reviewed in this article are by no means conclusive, but most of them are DIY. If you are not confident about carrying out the repairs or pinpointing exactly where the problem is emanating from, then we suggest that you contact the Whirlpool washer support center or better yet find a licensed handyman to help fix the problem.


What is the shelf life of the Whirlpool Cabrio washers?

Whirlpool Cabrio washers will give you up to 11 even years but only if it is brand new and washes around 8 loads per week.

My Whirlpool washer does not work, what could be the problem?

If your Whirlpool is not working it could be problems with the thermostat, or the unit filling up with water during the rinse cycle, or pump problems.

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