Are Whirlpool and Kenmore parts interchangeable?

Yes. Kenmore and Whirlpool parts are interchangeable. This is because Whirlpool is the company that makes appliances for Kenmore.

Are Whirlpool and Kenmore parts interchangeable?

Yes. Kenmore and Whirlpool parts are interchangeable. This is because Whirlpool is the company that makes appliances for Kenmore. You can interchange Kenmore and Whirlpool parts without any issues since they have the same mechanics. Ensure that you confirm the code numbers before replacing any parts.

Washing machines enable people to clean lots of clothes while using minimal effort. If you have been using one, you probably have a Kenmore or Whirlpool washer. Though these washers can give you great results, you may need to replace some parts after some time. To understand whether Kenmore and Whirlpool parts are interchangeable, you should learn more about how these washers are manufactured. Read on!

What you should know regarding Kenmore and Whirlpool

Kenmore is a brand that has been in existence since 1927. It is a top appliance brand that delivers high-performing appliances that are not only convenient but also time-saving. It is a Sear brand. Kenmore washing machines are not produced by a single company. This means that Kenmore is not responsible for manufacturing its own appliances.

Though such washing machines may be branded as Kenmore, they are produced by different manufacturers. Some of the manufacturers of Kenmore washing machines include Whirlpool and GE. Whirlpool is a famous company that makes numerous household items, including washing machines. It makes appliances on behalf of Kenmore and other brands such as Estate, Roper, and Kirkland.

How to interpret the code numbers on a washing machine

Before you think of replacing the parts of a washer, you should beware of the existence of code numbers on these appliances. If you have a Kenmore washing machine and would like to replace certain parts, you should find out the manufacturer behind it. We mentioned that Kenmore does not manufacture such appliances.

You can find out these details by checking the code numbers on the machine. This number can be located in different places on the washer. For instance, it can be found on the lid, around the timer panel, front panel, or behind the door. It is often printed on a sticker.

The model number consists of three digits and a dot. It reveals the manufacturer of the appliance. Here are some of the major code numbers that can help you figure out which company manufactured the washing machine.

198, 665,562, 106, 110
363, 362

If you see the Whirlpool codes on a Kenmore washing machine, it means that you can use Whirlpool parts on such a washer without any problems since the mechanics are the same. If you remove the case and timer top, you will notice that the Whirlpool and Kenmore washer parts are interchangeable.

Here are the most common parts in a washer that need replacing

If you have been using a washing machine for a while, there is a possibility that you may need a replacement part at some point to get it working properly. A washer is a complicated machine that has various moving parts. If certain part malfunctions or breaks, the washer may stop working as expected.

You can either replace the damaged part yourself or get a licensed technician to help you out. Since Whirlpool and Kenmore parts are interchangeable, you have an option in case you do not get the original part that came with the washer. Some of the washer replacement parts include the following.

Lid switch assembly

Both Kenmore and Whirlpool washers come with this safety feature. The switch is designed to tell the machine when the lid is closed so that it can continue washing. The plastic switches in a washing machine can easily wear out after using this appliance for some time. If the lid switch of your washing machine has worn out, it can prevent the washer from automatically proceeding to the next cycle.

Fortunately, you can fix this problem even on your own. You don’t necessarily need a Kenmore lid switch if you have access to a Whirlpool one since they are interchangeable. Ensure that you take the required safety precautions before you work on this. If you don’t know how to replace the part, you can get help from a licensed technician.

Drive belt

The drive belt is responsible for transferring power from the motor to the rest of the machine. After extended use, the drive belt of a washing machine can start wearing out. Once this happens, it needs a replacement for the washing machine to continue functioning properly again. If your washing machine has a burning rubber smell, it indicates that the drive belt is worn out.

Tilting the machine back can help you see the motor assembly. If the drive belt appears frayed, melted, or stretched, you should consider replacing it. If you have a Kenmore washing machine, you can replace this part with one from Whirlpool.

Water inlet valve

A washing machine also comes with a water inlet valve. This is responsible for pumping fresh water into the washer’s drum so that the machine can wash clothes. The water inlet valve may get damaged or clogged ad prevent the washer from filling with water.

Such valves contain certain filter screens that are prone to clogging with debris. When these filter screens accumulate lots of debris, they can make the water inlet valve malfunction. If you clean the screens and are still experiencing problems, you should consider replacing the valve.


Since Whirlpool makes Kenmore washing machines, the parts are interchangeable. If you are having problems with any of the above parts and are thinking of replacing them, you should not have problems finding a replacement part.


Should I repair or replace a part of my washing machine?

It depends on the extent of damage and your budget. Some of the washer’s parts are easy to replace and are cheap.

Are Kenmore washing machines any good?

Most Kenmore washing machines provide excellent reliability. They are, however, not perfect since some parts may stop working after some time.

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