Can I Use Regular Detergent in the Washer 

Detergent in the Washer 

No, you cannot use regular detergent in the washer because it conflicts with the washer leading to poorly washed clothes. What’s more is that regular detergent produces suds with reduced water levels, in which cases you might be presented with a “SUDS” error code in your control panel. If this happens your washer will stop … Read more

Washer without Agitator Pros and Cons

washing machine with agitator

When shopping for a washing machine one of the major concerns is its capacity. Some washers can handle a large batch of clothes at a go while others can only take on a few clothes, the absence of the agitator creates more space while its presence minimizes space. So while the above factors play a … Read more

Can You Put Polyester in the Dryer

Polyester in the Dryer

Yes, you can put polyester in the dryer, and then tumble dry the garment in low heat. Remember that polyester is a delicate material thus should be treated with care, don’t let it take long in the drier because it might develop wrinkles. Removing it early enough from the dryer also helps prevent a static … Read more

How to Install Stackable Washer and Dryer in a Closet

Remove term: How to Install Stackable Washer and Dryer in a Closet How to Install Stackable Washer and Dryer in a Closet

To install a stackable washer and dryer in a closet, you need the service of a licensed electrician especially if you are installing the Energy Efficient washer and dryer that complement each other. Other stackable washers and dryers come as individual units but have a connecting metal bracket at the back, while other washers and … Read more