Can You Put Polyester in the Dryer

Yes, you can put polyester in the dryer, and then tumble dry the garment in low heat. Remember that polyester is a delicate material thus should be treated with care, don’t let it take long in the drier because it might develop wrinkles. Removing it early enough from the dryer also helps prevent a static buildup. Exposing polyester to medium or high heat will melt or warp them leaving them hard to touch.

Polyester dries up quickly when hanged to dry outdoors, it can take about 1 hour but when dried from the inside, polyester can take at least 2 or 4 hours, depending on the indoor temperatures.

Steps in machine drying polyester

  1. The first thing to do when planning to dry polyester in a dryer is to ensure that they are put in the dryer while still wet, this helps protect the cloth from developing too many wrinkles.
  2. Most importantly is to ensure that you don’t put a lot of clothes in the dryer, because if you overload it then the polyester will take longer to dry.
  3. As mentioned earlier polyester develops a static cling, so to avoid this while drying your clothes in a dryer, you could use the dryer sheet. The latter reduces static by depositing scents, also the ingredients incorporated in the dryer sheets help neutralize the effects of built-up static in most fabrics. But in case you are skeptical about using the dryer sheets then you can use baking soda or foil balls.
  4. Now that your polyester is inside the drier close the door of the dryer and set the machine to a low or air-dry setting. Drying the garment should only take a single cycle, the reason for setting the dryer on a low setting is to prevent it from heating up as the fibers will melt or shrink.
  5. Once dried get your clothes from the dryer, because if you again leave them in there for long they will develop wrinkles.


As mentioned earlier there are two methods of drying polyester and the second one is outdoor drying.

  1. If you hand or machine wash your polyester the first thing that you must do is remove them from water as soon as possible. Letting them sit in water for extended hours will interfere with the texture of the garment making them feel rough and brittle once dried.
  2. Remember that we mentioned too much heat does interfere with polyester, so it would be ideal to first wash the garment with cold water, as this will minimize any chances of shrinking.
  3. To remove excess water from polyester, you will have to carefully squeeze out the water. Do not apply a lot of pressure on the garment by either twisting or wringing, as the material will be stretched and the fibers damaged.
  4. To squeeze water out of polyester, hold it with your right or left hand, whichever you are comfortable with, and then use the other hand to slowly squeeze out the excess water. Squeeze out water from the top slowly heading to the bottom of the garment as this will enable the cloth to dry up fast.
  5. When drying it outside the same heat avoidance principle should be applied, and which means the polyester should not be directly exposed to the sun’s rays. So, ideally, you should hang your polyester under a shade or if you have a drying rack drape it over, let it sit alone for faster drying.
  6. If you don’t have a drying rack, you can lay it on a white towel, colored towels might transfer dye and discolor the polyesters.
  7. The expected drying time is 2 to 4 hours, both on the clothesline or the ground, for the latter be sure to flip it over after every hour to ensure even drying.

If you own a polyester garment you want to have it looking its best all the time, so what we propose is that you read the care instructions in the care tag at the back of the garment. Also, when washing the polyester, you must not necessarily wash it individually, you can add in other fabrics and this also applies to drying. However, when put out to dry ensure that polyester is dried individually.


From the discussion above we have noted that heat destroys polyester, the same with wringing or twisting. Thus anytime that you are dealing with polyester whether washing or drying ensure that you don’t expose the garment to high heat and pressure. The same rules apply to ironing, when mishandled polyester will be destroyed either the fabric will become warped or it will melt and shrink to be rendered unfit to wear. When not exposed to high heat, polyester will retain its form, also polyester cannot be bleached as the chemical will degrade the fabric


Can polyester be dry cleaned?

Polyester is a synthetic fabric and doesn’t need dry cleaning.

Can ironing cause polyester to shrink?

Ironing polyester with the right temperatures will protect it from shrinking; the recommended ironing temperatures are 148˚C/300˚F.

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