How to Reset Samsung Dryer Control Board

To successfully reset your Samsung dryer, you must first turn off power at the circuit breaker, or you can simply unplug it from the wall socket, and leave it out for some time. Without the electrical current flowing into the dryer, and wait for the electrical charge to clear out. Give it up to 5 minutes and then you can plug back the dryer and switch it on for the electrical current to begin flowing back into the unit.

Your Samsung dryer’s control board is responsible for the dryer’s operations and it is therefore used to manage the unit’s temperature and drying time. For you to reset your Samsung dryer, you must first have been presented with an error code, the dryer does have numerous error codes that reflect the current problem the dryer is experiencing. Some error codes can be cleared through resetting but others must be cleared through troubleshooting.

Common Samsung Dryer control board error codes and the troubleshooting steps

How to Reset Samsung Dryer Control Board

The traditional Samsung Dryers usually don’t have a digital display, thus the error codes will be presented as blinking lights. For the units with the digital displays below are the error codes that you might be presented with.

Temperature Error Codes

If you find any of the below error codes in your display then you know that your dryer has problems with temperature or the sensor that measures the temperature. The codes are as follows (tS, tE, t5, tCS, tC, tO, t0, 1tC5,tE3, tC5, 1 tC, 1tCS). If your Samsung dryer shows any of the above codes, then it means that the lint screen or the vent system is clogged thus traps heat in your dryer. To troubleshoot the problem you could either clean the lint system or the vent or better yet, you could clean both of them.

Jammed Button Error Codes

If the panel detects a stuck or a continuously pressed button the following error codes will appear (bE, bC2, bE2, 6E, 6C2, 6E2). If your dryer presents any of the above error codes you will first power it off, then touch the buttons individually, so that they can be released from the panel. And as you do this ensure that you reach the edges of each button. You can then power on the dryer and see if any of the codes return from which, you will have to request for service from Samsung.

Heating Error Codes

If there are occasions that your Samsung dryer becomes too hot, you are likely to be presented with the following error codes (HC, 1 HC, hE, HC4). The probable cause for the above problem is a clogged vent or lint screen system that is trapping heat in the dryer, to correct the error all you have to do is clean the vent system or the lint screen, you can also clean both just to be sure.

Communication Error Codes

When the internal components of your dryer are unable to communicate with each other the following error codes will be presented (AC, Et, EEE, AE, AE4, E3, AE3, AE5, 1 AC). And to eliminate the error code, all you have to do is shut off the system for about 60 seconds and then switch it back on again.

Voltage Error Codes

If the voltage that is being supplied to your dryer is not normal, your machine will inform you through the following error codes (9C1, 9E1, 9E, 2E,). To get rid of the above error codes, ensure that your drier is not using an extension code, rather operates on its circuit. For individuals using electric dryers, you must ensure that the power cord is correctly installed and the unit is receiving the correct voltage.

Door Error codes

Your dryer door has to stay closed whether you are using it or not. In a situation where the sensors detect an unclosed latch, you will be presented with the following error codes (dC, 1 dF dE, dF, 1 DC, do, d0,). To eliminate the error code ensure that the latch is securely locked, also check if there is laundry that has been caught by the door, lastly ensure that the door is closed and has been properly secured.

Important to note is that if the door is damaged then the code will not be corrected thus you should contact the Samsung support center.

Control board reset Errors

The error codes outlined below only require you to power off the dryer for a few minutes about 2 or 3 and then power it back on.

Gas Ignition
Dry time error
Motor Error
Electronic Control Error


There are occasions that your Samsung dryer might have bigger problems that resetting and troubleshooting won’t get it to function, in such a case you will have to reach out to the Samsung support center. Because if you attempt to clear the error codes severally without success, you will only make it difficult for the technician to determine the problem because you will have wiped the history of error codes.


Where is the Samsung dryer reset button located?

The reset button is on the unit’s control panel.

How do I reset my Samsung Washing Machine?

Resetting your washer is different to resetting the dryer. We have a separate guide that shows how to reset your Samsung washing machine.

Why is my Samsung dryer not turning on?

Your dryer is not turning on because of a tripped breaker or a loose power cord.

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