How to fix a squeaky dryer

A squeaking dryer can make you not look forward to laundry time. This is because it causes a lot of noise that can be irritating. If you are dealing with a squeaky dryer, you should find out which part of the dryer is producing the noise and learn how to fix it.

For you to fix a squeaky dryer, you should first unplug it, move it from the wall and open the lid. Once you get access to the components, you should inspect them to find the cause of the problem. Replacing the dryer belt, tightening the idler pulley, replacing the glide bearings, or lubricating the roller wheels can help you eliminate the squeaking noise in a dryer. Find out more!

What causes a squeaky dryer?

Different things can make a dryer produce a squeaky noise. This noise indicates that a part is probably worn out or loose. Some of the causes of a squeaky dryer include the following.

Damaged dryer belt

This refers to the rubber belt that is located on the dryer tub. It is connected to the motor of the dryer using wires. If the dry belt gets loose, it can make the dryer start producing a squeaky noise.

Loose Idler pulley

Apart from the dryer belt, this appliance can also produce a squeaky noise when the idler pulley is loose. The idler pulley is designed to connect the dryer belt to the motor. Since this is a moving wheel, it is prone to getting loose or breaking after some time. This could be the cause of the irritating noise.

Faulty glide bearing

Every time you use a dryer, its tubs are always moving. The edge of the tub contains some glide bearings. These bearings enable the drum to glide as it rotates against the seal. Faulty glide bearings can cause a plastic or metal sound.

Unlubricated roller wheels

The bottom of a dryer contains some roller wheels. If the wheels of the dryer are uneven or loose, they can lead to a squeaky sound.

Foreign objects in the drum

The squeaking noise of a dryer can also indicate that the lint filter or drum has some small foreign objects. Sometimes objects such as coins and paper clips can find their way into the dryer’s drum. Inspecting the drum and lint filter can help you figure out if this is the cause of the squeaking noise.

Faulty motor

You can tell that the motors dryer is faulty if this appliance is producing grinding or squeaking sounds. If the sound is coming from the back part of the dryer, the problem is probably a defective motor. You should solve this problem fast to prevent the bearings from breaking the faulty motor.

What you should do to fix a squeaky dryer

Once you find the cause of the squeaking noise in your dryer, you should find out how to fix it. Before you think of fixing such a dryer, you should gather all the tools you may need. For instance, you need to get a screwdriver that can help you access the inside area of the dryer. You should get pliers that can help you test different components around the dryer’s motor. This is how to fix a squeaky dryer.

Unplug the dryer

Before you start inspecting different parts, you should first unplug this appliance from the power source. Once you do this, get rubber gloves that you can use during the operation. You should also move this machine away from the wall so that you can have enough space to remove the lid.

Open the top part

You can use a spackle knife to open the dryer’s lid. The spackle knife can also help you push the clips used to hold the dryer’s lid in place. You should now remove the lint trap with a screwdriver. Doing this can give you access to the different dryer components.

Inspect the dryer belt

If you notice that the dryer belt is loose, you should consider replacing it. You can remove it by loosening the screws and unhooking the wires that hold it in place. Get a new dryer belt and insert it securely. Ensure that the new dryer belt has a snug fit around the dryer’s tub. This could end the squeaking noise in the appliance.

Check the Idler pulley

Since the idler pulley remains in contact with the motor and the dryer belt, it strains a lot. As the dryer moves, the strain could make the idler pulley become loose or break. If you notice that this part is loose, you can use a screwdriver to tighten it.

Replace the glide bearings

We mentioned that the edge of the drum contains glide bearings. These are either plastic or fabric tabs depending on the dryer model that you are using. If the glide bearings wear down, they can start banging against the dryer’s side. You should consider replacing them to eliminate the squeaky sound in the dryer. You can easily detach the glide bearings from the drum’s edge using a plier.

The causes and solutions to a squeaky dryer

Loose or worn out dryer belt
Consider replacing it
The roller wheels may not be lubricated
Put some grease in them
Foreign objects in the lint filter
Inspect it for such objects and retrieve them while wearing gloves
Broken or loose idler pulley
Replace it
Faulty glide bearings
Inspect the bearings to check if they are worn out. If yes, consider replacing them.


A dryer should work without producing so much noise. If a dryer is producing an annoying squeaking noise, you should find out why this is happening. We have discussed the causes and the solutions to this problem to help you fix it easily.


Can I fix dryer issues without professional help?

It depends on the specific problem. Though you can fix some minor issues on your own, major problems should be handled by a professional.

What causes the dryer belt to wear out after some time?

Since a dryer runs at high temperatures, the dry belt can easily get worn out or even crack after some time.

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