How to clean LG front loading washing machine

LG front loading washing machines are in high demand since they use less water and detergent than regular washers. Though this washing machine is quite attractive, it can quickly start smelling when not properly maintained.

If you own such a washing machine, you should learn how to clean it properly to prevent odor and mold buildup. Start by cleaning the gasket, then clean the drum. Do not forget to clean the dispensers and the drain pump filter before wiping the outside of this washing machine. Here is more!

Cleaning an LG front loading washing machine

Though this machine can help you save on detergent, it requires special attention. You have to clean different parts of the front loading washing machine. Start with the following.

Clean the gasket

The gasket refers to the rubber ring that is found in the opening of the appliance’s drum. This part is designed to create a seal and prevent water leakage out of the machine. To clean it, start by opening the machine’s door wide enough, then peel the rubber that runs around the machine’s opening. Pull the gasket open so that you can clean it thoroughly. You can use water and vinegar to clean the gasket.

As you do this, ensure that no objects are stuck on the rubber seal. Particular objects such as hairpins, coins, or nails can get stuck between the rubber seal. Such sharp items can damage the gasket. Confirm that your clothes are free of any small objects before cleaning them through the LG front loading washing machine. Sometimes, the gasket can accumulate dust or hair. If you have long hair or are a pet owner, you should ensure that you check the rubber seal for such materials at least twice every week.

Sometimes, the gasket can get mildew if it is not getting dry enough after cleaning clothes using the washing machine. You can remove mildew from the gasket of this front-loading washing machine using either a mildew cleaner or hot soapy water. Use a clean cloth to wipe the mildew cleaner off the gasket. Alternatively, you can clean the gasket of this washing machine using bleach to remove mildew.

Clean the drum

Apart from the gasket, you should also pay close attention to the drum of this washing machine. To clean it, start by sprinkling baking soda into the inner part of the drum. This can help get rid of odors from dirty clothes or mildew. Once you sprinkle baking soda into the drum, close the door, then load some white vinegar into the detergent tray.

You should then turn the washing machine on to do a cleaning cycle. Set it at a high temperature for the vinegar and baking soda to react. The machine should run through a rinse and wash cycle. If the mildew smell in the washing machine is too strong, you can pour bleach into the drum before running the wash and rinse cycle. After this, you should run an extra rinse cycle to rinse out the machine completely.

The drum of this front loading washing machine can also collect lint. You have to clean this regularly so that your clothes can come out clean. You can remove lint from the drum of the washing machine using a toothbrush or cloth dipped in water and vinegar.

Clean the drain pump filter

Ensure that you clean the drain pump filter at least once a month. This can help you get rid of any lint or hair from the drain pump filter so that it can remove water more efficiently from the washer. To avoid creating a mess as you clean the drain pump filter, you should place a towel.

Clean the dispensers

Apart from the drain pump filter, you should also spend some time cleaning the dispensers of the LG front loading washing machine. Consider soaking them in bleach to get rid of any buildup. In this machine, there is a button that you have to press to remove the dispenser tray. Alternatively, you can take out each dispenser one at a time, clean it and then put it back. Ensure that you remove the dispenser tray after every wash cycle so that it can air dry. Doing this can also help you confirm if there are any stains or black mildew that should be cleaned.

Clean the outer part of the washing machine

Once you are done with the interior of this washing machine, do not forget to clean the outer surface. You can spray a cloth with a multipurpose cleaner then use it to wipe the surface of the washer. This can help you get rid of any dust, lint, or pet hair on it to boost its appearance. If you keep the outer surface of the washing machine clean, you can also prevent such elements from finding their way into the machine.

A summary of how to clean an LG front loading washing machine

Clean the gasket
Wipe the rubber seal with a cloth damped in water and vinegar

Remove any foreign objects on the gasket

Eliminate mildew from this surface using bleach

Clean the drum
Put baking soda in the drum

Add white vinegar to the detergent tray, then run a cleaning cycle.

Clean the dispensers
Soak the dispensers in bleach to remove buildup
Clean the outer surface
Spray a soft cloth with a multipurpose cleaner, then wipe down the surface of the washing machine.


The LG front loading washing machine is a sensitive appliance that needs proper maintenance. Ensure that you clean it at least once a week so that you can keep it in top-notch condition for a long time.


Which detergent should I use with this machine?

You should choose a detergent that is precisely designed for the front loading washing machine. Ensure you also use the recommend fabric softeners.

How often should I clean the filter of this washing machine?

Do this at least once a month to get rid of old laundry detergent and lint.

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