Frigidaire dryer making noise when spinning

If you have noticed some noise coming from a Frigidaire dryer every time it spins, you should not ignore it. Doing this can lead to bigger problems in the future.

You should find out why the dryer is producing this noise while running and learn how to fix it. Some of the causes of this noise include a loose or damaged drive belt, worn drum rollers, obstructed blower wheel, damaged drum bearing, or worn-out drum glides. Working on either of these causes can help you eliminate the noise.

Why the Frigidaire dryer is making noise while running, and how you can eliminate this

There are so many things that could be making the Frigidaire dryer produce this noise. We will discuss some of the common causes that you should first assess as soon as you hear this noise from your dryer.

Damaged or loose drive belt

This is one of the major causes of noises in a dryer during spinning. The drive belt refers to a long belt that wraps around the drum of the Frigidaire dryer. It also wraps around the drive motor and tension pulley of this appliance. The motor of a dryer propels the drive belt to turn the drum.

If you have been using the Frigidaire dryer for a long time, the drive belts may have become damaged or loose. When this happens, it can cause noise in your dryer. If you suspect that this is the cause of the problem, you should inspect the drive belts. Doing this can help you identify any signs or wear. If the drive belt in the machine is worn out, you should consider replacing it.

Worn drum roller

The drum roller is responsible for supporting the drum’s weight. This feature is found in the rear part of the dryer’s drum and is shaped like a wheel. You may also notice extra rollers on the front part of the drum. The drum rollers start wearing out over time. When they do, they can cause a squeaking noise as the Frigidaire dryer spins.

If you suspect that they are the reason behind the noise, you should inspect them. Worn-out drum rollers should be replaced as soon as possible. Consider replacing all the drum rollers in the dryer at the same time. Before you start installing the drum rollers, remember to clean the shaft.

Obstructed blower wheel

The blower wheel is one of the crucial parts of the Frigidaire dryer. It is designed to blow hot air from the dryer and push it out through the vent. Sometimes, small items such as socks or lint can get to the blower wheel leading to an obstruction. The dryer also contains a sleeve that secures the blower wheel in place. If this part wears out, it can make the blower wobble and start making irritating noises as the dryer spins.

If you have determined that the first two are not the causes of the noises, you should focus on the blower wheel. You can easily assess this part for malfunctions by first removing the vent then turning the dryer on. If you notice the airflow is minimal, it indicates that the blower wheel is probably malfunctioning. Remove any obstructions that you may see on the blower wheel and confirm if the noise has disappeared. If there are none, rotate the blower wheel using your hand to confirm if it is wobbling. You can now determine whether it is time to replace it.

Damaged drum bearing

The rear part of the Frigidaire dryer drum contains a metal bearing that gives the drum ample support. This ensures that the drum rotates properly. If you have been using the Frigidaire dryer for a long time, the drum bearing is prone to wear. When this happens, it may cause a grinding noise every time the dryer spins.

You should find out whether this is the cause of the problem by removing the belt then turning the drum with your hand. If you do this and still hear the grinding sounds, it indicates that the drum bearing is damaged. If rotating the drum is also difficult, it also shows that the drum bearing needs replacement.

Worn out drum glides

The front part of the Frigidaire dryer contains drum glides. These are plastic pieces used to support the drum. Every time the dryer’s drum rotates, it slides on these glides. The glides are prone to wearing out after some time. When this happens, the dryer can start producing some noise during spinning. Inspect the drum glides to find out if they are the cause of the noise. If these glides are worn out, consider replacing all of them.

A summary of the causes and solutions to this problem

Why the Frigidaire dryer is making noise when spinning
How to eliminate the noise
Damaged or loose drive belt
Replace the drive belt
Worn out drum rollers
Replace all of the drum rollers on the dryer
Obstructed/ Wobbly blower wheel
Remove the visible obstructions from it

Consider replacing a wobbly blower wheel

Damaged drum bearing
Replace it
Worn out drum glides
Inspect them and consider replacing all of the drum glides


Frigidaire dryers are great appliances that can help you dry all your clean clothes within less time. Though this is an efficient machine, it may start producing some noise after some time. Rather than overlooking this, you should find out what is causing the noise and look for ways to eliminate it. From the above, you can tell that there are numerous causes to this problem. Inspect the dryer closely as you pay attention to the major parts that we have discussed. Once you figure this out, try the above troubleshooting tips.


What if my dryer is producing noise, and I am not sure which part needs replacement?

You should consider getting a dryer maintenance kit. This can help you determine which parts are defective.

Can a damaged idler assembly cause the noise?

Yes. This part keeps the drive belt of a dryer under tension as it wraps around the drum. If the idler assembly gets damaged, it can also lead to noise in a Frigidaire dryer.

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