Kenmore Washer Troubleshooting

Washing machines experience a myriad of problems, some that you can fix and others that require a licensed professional to diagnose and repair the problem. This article will detail some of the common washer problems specific to the Kenmore washer and the various troubleshooting processes.

Kenmore washer does not spin

The most probable cause for your Kenmore washer failing to spin is because the lid switch is faulty. Most washers have been configured to work in this manner to prevent accidents in case someone wants to operate the washer while the lid is open.

One of the common troubleshooting steps for this problem is using a multi meter to check for continuity in the switch and if you don’t find any, you will have to replace the switch.

If your washer does not spin, there may be a problem with the motor control board, if this feature is faulty then your washer will not work properly. To get around it, you will check the board for burnt components and then check if the power supply is consistent, if there is a problem with the power supply then it must be replaced.

The problem could also be emanating from the Rotor and Stator assembly, the two usually create an electromagnetic field that is strong enough to spin the tub in both directions. The problem, however, is that at times the magnets inside the rotor could become damaged and which will restrict your washer from spinning.

You, therefore, must inspect the rotor for damage and determine if it needs replacing, the stator contains the windings which can equally get damaged. You will, therefore, inspect them for damage and determine if it needs replacing.

Water does not drain out of the washer

When a wash cycle is completed, your washing machine has been configured to drain out the water, but if it doesn’t do so then it is highly likely that you have a bad drain pump. The drainage pump could be clogged and you can easily notice it because it has a translucent cover. To eliminate this problem, you will have to follow the instructions in your drain pump installation guide.


Important to note is that if the problem is not rectified by removing the clog then you might have to replace it but first check your water hose, to eliminate other probable causes.

Clogged water hose- there are high chances that your water hose might be clogged and that is why your washer is not able to drain water. Remove and unclog the water hose, the relevant instructions are provided in the water hose installation guide.

Troubleshooting for Kenmore washer loud noises

One of the many reasons why your washer could be making loud noises is because the drive pulley is cracked, loose, bent, or simply worn out. Remove and inspect it to determine if it must be replaced, if it is damaged then it must be replaced. Your washer’s clutch could also be the problem, this particular feature can even make the washer not spin.

A failing clutch could also restrict your washer from spinning and it could make the washer loud during or after the spin cycle. For this part, you will have to repair it as it cannot be fixed. The drive belts are also a common cause for loud noises from your washer, as you use the unit the drive belts might get worn out and the belt will end up breaking and lead to loud noises. Inspect the drive belt and if it is broken, you must replace it.

Also, take note, there are instances that the loud noises could be occurring when your washer is draining, if that is the case, then there are high chances that the drain pump is faulty or clogged.

Troubleshooting for Kenmore washer failure to agitate

If your Kenmore washer does not agitate, you will have to check the drive belt, find out if it is broken or loose from the pulley. If the above is the case then it won’t agitate, you could also check the belt for damages and replace it if necessary. In your washer, there is a motor coupling feature that connects the washer transmission and motor.

The coupling in your washer will only fail by default if you overload the unit, this happens to protect the transmission and the motor. You will, therefore, inspect the part to see if it is broken and then get a replacement.

Troubleshooting for Kenmore washer’s failure to drain

Some of the Kenmore washer models are made with a coin trap used to catch small objects before they make their way into the pump. Inspect the trap and if that is the problem then you will have to clean it and free it of debris for seamless draining.


The troubleshooting processes discussed above are among the many that you might encounter. Important to note is that some of the problems that you might experience with your washer might need professional diagnostics and repair. However, if you encounter any of the problems discussed above, then the troubleshooting processes discussed should help you eliminate the problems.


What does the error code F stand for in a Kenmore washer?

F is an indication that the washer encountered a component problem.

How do I clear the F5 error code in my Kenmore washer?

Disconnect your washer from the power supply for about 3 seconds and then reconnect it.

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