We love to create things. Not just random things though. Physical products, that actually solve a problem.

This love grew early for Coen. As a kid, he would spend hours playing with Lego. From building underwater palaces to castles in the sky; building things was his passion.

During his studies, this untamed optimism for exploring new things grew stronger. While watching a documentary on India, his mind was already there. One month after graduating, he stepped into the plane from Amsterdam to Mumbai. And boy, do they have beautiful clothes in India.

Meanwhile in India, Kathak was busy making her dreams count.

She believes that things don’t happen by chance; you have to make them happen! With a Doctorate in Management that will soon be in her kitty, she keeps herself high on a heavy dose of all things culture. She turned her love for food into writing food blogs and relinquishes her love to explore the unknown by frequent off-beat travel. Her passion for clothes and the rich heritage of textiles in India led her to think about changing the way clothes are being washed.